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For people in the Video Marketing space, Qwazyd0gg has just released a video review of the Eaton Lavalier Microphone For Smartphones.

Large production companies typically invest in a dedicated package of audio gear, however, using a smartphone with a small lapel microphone is a great first step toward good audio for video productions. This is a smart move to maximize production value with a minimal investment.

These small mics clip discreetly to a shirt, blouse or jacket, and they are frequently used for producing documentaries.

The video review covers Sound quality – audio is often difficult with Smartphones and Tablets – the in-device microphones are substandard for video production, with the problem getting progressively worse the further away the subject is from the mobile device.

For this reason enter lavalier microphones designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. This video covers how a smartphone microphone is different from the more standard lapel microphone – namely due to the jack plug. Whilst the jack input on your device looks to be a standard mini-jack, this is not the case. It requires something called a 3.5mm 4 conductor TRRS connection.

The lapel mic from Eaton Productions is omnidirectional and comes with a gold plated TRRS 4-pin plug (the connection on your iPhone’s and iPad’s headphone jack) so an adapter is not required. The cord length is a generous 6.5 feet (78″), so in order to place the camera more than an arm’s length away, on a tripod for example, this microphone does a superior job to most of the competition.

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Author of Lavalier Microphone For Smartphones, Eaton Productions says “Honest reviews of a product are always welcome. No Batteries Needed To Get Premium Sound”.

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