Best iV Bar in Boulder, CO Reveal Tips to Avoid Colds and Flues Over Holidays

Boulder, Colorado iV Hydration Clinic, Onus iV bar is dedicated to helping folks in the Boulder and Denver stay healthy and active this winter season.

Boulder, Colorado- The upcoming Holiday season is in full swing as folks around Colorado are starting to prepare for family gatherings, colder weather, blizzards, holiday decorations, and sweet and sugary snacks. As fun and entertaining as that sounds, unfortunately some of these activities can potentially lower the immune system which can kick the cold and flu season into full gear as it can easily spread during family gatherings and workplace parties.

As common as colds and and flues are, especially in colder climates like Colorado, they can still be debilitating, causing all kinds of mayhem to an otherwise busy and productive season, In addition to Holiday activities, many Colorado residents also use this time to ski, snowboard, or snowmobile the many slopes of summit county and all around Colorado. A pesky cold can definitely put a hold on these types of common activities for Colorado residents and those visiting the state during the holidays.

Luckily, Onus iV bar and hydration clinic in Boulder offers their services for residents and visitors in the area to prepare for the cold and flu season. The business offers the Immunity boost iV drip for $125 and includes, a heavy blast of Glutathione, Zinc, and Vitamin C to, “combat the common cold”. The business also offers the famous, Meyers Cocktail. Infact, 30 years ago, John Myers developed an intravenous cocktail of saline, nutrients, and minerals to treat a variety of medical ailments and conditions. On the Onus iV Bar website h folks will find an explanation of the history of John Myers and how his treatments are used today.

John Myer’s recipe is a mixture of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and C vitamins. At the time, this cocktail was found to effectively treat acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, cardiovascular disease and dehydration among other disorders.

The team at Onus iV bar in DTC provide patrons with a wide variety of iV therapy options from simple hydration to cold-fighting immune boost treatments and various other cocktails to combat altitude sickness, jet lag, fatigue, migraines & so much more. Onus iV accomplishes this by utilizing FDA regulated & pre-compounded vitamins in their iV’s to ensure optimal absorption by your body. Compared to oral alternatives, the effects felt from a vitamin infusion combined with a complete vitamin absorption are second-to-none.

Anyone interested in scheduling a time to receive iV hydration therapy is encouraged to visit the website above or contact the business at (720) 791-0818

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