Best Immunity Cell Defense Gut Health Supplement With Manuka Honey Released

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McMillion Mercantile LLC has launched a new immunity boosting supplement with manuka honey, alovéa, prolain and oregenol for stronger immunity, gut and cardiovascular health.

McMillion Mercantile LLC, has released a new health and wellness product that promotes improved immunity and gut health.

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The newly announced product has been designed to support the immune system by protecting and defending cells and increasing vitality. Alovéa Cell•A•Brate works to enhance the immune cell response to viruses and bacteria by increasing stem cell production and the production of glutathione (the body’s own antioxidant) by 50%.

Major risk factors of cellular health can include stress, poor diet, pathogens and toxins. Research shows that Alovéa Cell•A•Brate helps to defend cells against a variety of health conditions and aloe vera’s bioactive molecules provide different benefits to the body, including improved gut health.

Alovéa Cell•A•Brate’s proprietary blend of ingredients have been manufactured into a chewable tablet that supports stronger cellular health. The whole food source includes manuka honey, alovéa, prolain (a beetroot betalain extract) and oregenol (a pine bark extract). These ingredients are associated with healthy gut bacteria, optimizing gut health from the inside. Two Alovéa Cell•A•Brate tablets provide more immune supporting benefits than eating several pounds of fruits and vegetables a day.

Shirley McMillion, owner and creator of McMillion Mercantile LLC, is affiliated with a range of other health supplements, including Cardio Miracle, a product designed to support increased circulation, improved arterial health and increased energy. Cardio Miracle’s formula increases blood flow to deliver more vitamins, nutrients and minerals to the body, improving the entire circulatory system.

Cardio Miracle triggers the body’s nitric oxide production over a 24-hour period. Research shows that nitric oxide can be a natural solution to a variety of health conditions, including hypertension, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

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A satisfied customer said “Cardio Miracle has given me not just a jolt of energy but consistent energy and much greater clarity. I used to be in a fog all the time, now my memory is back and I have excellent recall. The difference is huge. My brain feels alive again and I feel like I’ve gained my life back.”

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