Best Home Valuation Option: Superior To Online Valuation Tools and Zestimates

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Online home valuations, and Zestimates from Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, are inaccurate and out of date. New Home valuation system delivers a reliable and accurate home valuations at

The big industry online valuation companies are hurting the people they are trying to help.

Zillow, Zolo, Trulia, Redfin and The Big Banks all offer online valuation tools that are often out of date, inaccurate and often just a spam based marketing strategy that forgets what the client really wants. The big problem with online valuations, Zestimates and online valuation tools is that is that most people use them for more than what they were designed for.

Home sellers are often relying on them as their first step to understanding what they believe is an accurate assessment of their home’s market value. This creates a huge problem because once people get their valuation and estimated value of their home, they proceed to search for their next home and sell their home based on the incorrect Zestimate and online home estimate.

Unfortunately, the estimates are more often wrong than right, that means the majority of people are making poor decisions before they even get started.

Their Zestimates or online valuations can be off by as much as 25% depending on the movement of the market. That is why is so important to understand they are only a starting point. a gage and something to expand on.

Kevin Lynch, Co-CEOs of B & L Real Estate Group and Keller Williams Realty REALTOR says “These tools are being over sold and misused for the benefit of large corporations such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, large banks and even who are all fighting for market share. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the convenience factor. If the tools were used honestly and with full transparency, I would have no problem with them.”

The good news is that most problems are followed by a better solution.

For people that are serious to learn their accurate home value (selling, buying, refinancing, estate, etc.) and want something they can rely on, you now have a better option.


The first to enter the market to help people that need to update their estimates is They offer a three step process that takes minutes and deliver a reliable and accurate estimate of your home or property. By using leading edge technology combined with real world expertise, we can deliver estimates with over a 98% accuracy rate.

“This is not just a cold automated computer system that just draws number from tax records and property and generalized property aggregation. Our process combines digital insights with real world experience and expertise. That is why they are more accurate and reliable.” say’s Kevin Lynch

For people that are serious about learning their home or property value, there is a better way. A new way to find out your home’s value that is fast, reliable and accurate.

Kevin Lynch and Steve Birkic are Co-Founders of and have over 57 years of combined real estate experience. They have a huge network of talented, top producing real estate experts waiting to help throughout North America.

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