Best Health and Fitness Wellness Podcasts Expert Danielle Lin 2020 Series Launch

Danielle Lin has launched a new focus to be the Best Health and Fitness Wellness Podcast. Her 2020 Launch will feature some of the most brilliant minds in Health and Fitness.

Danielle Lin has launched a new focus to be the Best Health & Fitness Wellness Podcast. This 2020 Launch will feature some of the most brilliant minds in Health & Fitness. She was named as one of the top 100 podcasts and believes that to live better lives we must have better information.

The launch of the Health & Fitness initiative opens a new chapter for this life-changing podcast. Danielle encourages listeners to lean in, ask the deep questions and reach beyond what they think is possible. Danielle Lin is a pathfinder and her podcast for 2020 will bring inspiration, wisdom and invaluable information from some of the most brilliant minds in health & fitness.

Danielle has worked for decades with world change-makers and innovators. Her plan for 2020 is to enlighten her listeners with the information they need to live a longer healthier life. Her plethora of subjects is geared to improve the listener’s life and give them a constant inspiration to believe and achieve the impossible.

Categories on her cutting edge podcast include Art, Beauty, Causes & Politics, Community, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs & Leadership, Environment, Featured authors and leaders, Feng Shui, Futurism, Gardening, Health & Fitness, Money, Personal Development, Psychology, Recipes, Restaurants, Sex, Love & Intimacy, Spirituality, Travel, and Visionaries.

In the past some of the dynamic health and fitness subjects have been The Art of Fitness, The A-List Diet-No Scales and Fast Acting, Loosen Up and Stop Aching, When Your Lifestyle Zaps Your Energy, The Truth about Beauty, Game-Changing Breakthrough for Tendon Health Health and Joint Care, The Proven Benefits of Pycnogenol, Sharpening Your Mind and Preventing Muscle Loss, and The Science to Less Stress. The list of past episodes is archived and can be listened to on-demand on her website.

The line of thinkers Danielle has interviewed is staggering. They include visionaries such as Martha Beck Ph.D., June-Elleni Laine, Gregg Braden, Jack Canfield, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Richard Wiseman, Mark Vincent, Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D., Michael Harrison, John C. Maxwell, Chris Widener, John Assaraf, Tom Somodi, Barry Auchettl, Stephen R. Covey Ph.D., Al Siebert Ph.D., Deepak Chopra, Anurag Pande, Ph.D., Tom & Gayle Holdman, and hundreds more.

Some of the favorite podcasts that are listed include The Extraordinary Power of Ordinary Things, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, What the Bleep do we know, Leadership Rules, The Living Energy Universe, The Eighth Habit – From Effectiveness to Greatness, The Wisdom of Rumi: The Gift of Love, Supernormal, The Earth Keeper Alliance, The Art of War, and much more.

Danielle Lin is a respected authority as a world change agent. Because she has been at the forefront of many movements that have improved the lives of millions. People in 117 countries tune in to listen to the Danielle Lin Show. Her launch of the 2020 Health and Fitness Initiative will be a milestone for 2020 in the world of podcasts.

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