Best Gold IRA 401K Retirement Plans Company Teams With Chuck Norris

Goldco, in conjunction with Chuck Norris, has released a report detailing the dilemma Americans face as they prepare for retirement. The company offers IRAs and 401Ks that are backed by gold.

Goldco, a leading gold company, has released a special report written by American icon Chuck Norris. It details his reasons for investing in gold and the financial success he has experienced as a result.

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Goldco’s release of this report by Chuck Norris gives readers the evidence they need to decide whether they should add a gold-backed retirement program to their portfolio. The addition of a gold backed vehicle can provide seniors with a level of liquidity and stability not always available with stocks, bonds, and real estate.

The special report, “American Retirement – Wealth & Freedom In the Retirement Years,” begins with Chuck talking about his upbringing. He was raised in poverty in Ryan, Oklahoma, and struggled to survive financially until his martial arts movies became popular.

He talks about his first ventures into purchasing gold and how it protected him in the seventies when inflation was almost twenty percent. His gold appreciated almost 600% and allowed him to survive this troubled period of economic history.

Mr. Norris’s endorsement of Goldco’s product offerings supports its growth initiatives to educate people about the benefits of a gold-backed IRA, 401(k), TSP, or pension account. The release of this report comes when more Americans are retiring than at any time in its history.

Goldco was founded in 2006 and specializes in providing its clients with physical gold and silver. Its flagship product offers customers the opportunity to buy precious metals through an Independent Retirement account. This IRA is 100% tax and penalty-free, and Goldco holds the number one position as a Gold IRA provider in the U.S.

A company spokesman said, “Partnering with Chuck Norris – an All-American icon who stands for freedom, strength, and protection, aligns with our customers’ desires to protect their wealth and take control of their own financial future.”

This report’s release gives Americans an alternative to low-interest CDs and the volatility of the stock market as they prepare for retirement.

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