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Darryl Essington-Wilson, CEO of Gold Coast Family Car Rentals, says that, other than ensuring your vehicle is properly roadworthy, holiday road safety is a mindset we should all adopt.

Rental Car Company CEO Shares Holiday Road Safety Tips

With summer plans underway and the festive season almost upon us, holiday traffic is will soon be making its way onto Gold Coast Roads. Darryl Essington-Wilson, CEO of Gold Coast Family Car Rentals says that, other than ensuring your vehicle is properly roadworthy, holiday road safety is a mindset we should all adopt.

“It’s not just a matter of how safely you drive – you need to remember that you’re sharing the road with other people who might not be alert, who may be upset about something, who might be intoxicated, who might simply be reckless, or who may be texting” he says.

Darryl feels that getting the defensive driving message across could save lives this festive season. The first step, he says, is to realise that accidents happen very quickly. It’s not always possible to avoid them no matter how alert you are.

“To begin with, buckle up,” he says, “and make sure your kids are in proper child seats and wearing their safety belts too. Twenty percent of the people who die in crashes weren’t wearing their seatbelts. Don’t let this be you or your kids.”

Darryl also recommends that drivers constantly assess the response time available to them. A second’s extra time and a few metres of extra space between cars can prevent tragedy. “Ask yourself whether you will be able to respond in time if an emergency were to occur on the road in front of you. I am a staunch believer in the 2 second rule (3 seconds at 80Kph or more), stay at least this distance behind the car in front of you.”

Right of way often gives drivers a false sense of security. Other drivers can make mistakes, and blind trust in your right of way could be dangerous. “Never just assume an intersection is safe because you have the right of way,” says Darryl, adding that he grew up with a road rule of “give way to the driver on your right, and the fool on your left.”

He warns that the seconds just after a traffic light has changed are particularly dangerous: “If the light has just turned green, there could be someone who thought they’d make it over on the amber gunning across as fast as they can.”

He further advises that when you stop behind other cars at an intersection, make sure that you can see a metre of road surface behind the rear wheels of the car in front of you. If someone hits you in the rear end, you are unlikely to be pushed far enough forward to hit the car in front of you.

When the traffic is heavy, and the weather is sultry, it’s all too easy to grow impatient behind the wheel. If you find yourself tempted to drive aggressively, it’s time you found a spot to pull over and regain your sangfroid, says Darryl. “Aggressive driving means taking chances. Taking chances means an increased likelihood of accidents. Keep it calm.”

Finally, Darryl warns those who are taking to the roads for long distances to be extra cautious of the consequences of driver fatigue. “It’s especially dangerous if you’re driving during times when you’d ordinarily be asleep,” warns Darryl. “If you’re travelling a fair distance for your holiday, consider the wisdom of flying instead. You can always get an affordable rental car once you arrive.”

If you’re considering a Gold Coast Holiday, Darryl says his car rental business will give you the best in safety: “Our cars are well-maintained, and unlike most car rental companies we provide free child seats for families who rent our vehicles.” visit Darryl’s website Cheap Car Hire Gold Coast and Gold Coast Airport Car Rental to get an online quote or book online or call + 61 7 5508 3333 for further information.

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