Best Gifts for the Three Types of Girlfriends on Valentine’s Day Revealed

“If you are at a loss as to what to buy for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, my blog post series will be the answer for you. There will always be a gift that is best for her,” love teacher reveals.

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and for boyfriends out there who are scratching their heads over what to give as gifts to their girlfriends this Valentine’s Day, help is just a click away.

An author on the topic of love, dating and relationships has just completed a series of blog posts targeting Valentine’s Day, and he promises that the information he is dispensing will be relevant to any man trying to score brownie points with his girlfriend.

Richard Luslonger, the sole contributor to the series, has this to say about the blog posts:

“Many men fret over the gifts that are best for their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. Unknown to them, what is considered the best gift will be dependent on the type of girlfriends they have.”

According to Luslonger, girlfriends fit into three major groups: the classical, the nerdy or geeky, and the “slutty”.

Explaining what the classical girlfriend is, Luslonger expounds:

“The classical girlfriend is what we usually stereotype women to be. They typically desire the same types of gifts; and while it doesn’t take much to make their hearts flutter, one must remember that most of these gifts are alien to men.”

“To us men, these gifts are basically useless and impractical, and we will hardly understand why they are best for our girlfriends,” Luslonger adds.

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While classical girlfriends gravitate towards gifts that hardly have any practical usage, nerdy or geeky girlfriends are a totally different breed altogether.

Their propensity towards the technical and the scientific would mean that gifts would need a certain level of sophistication to make the cut, and gifts that are too frivolous – or girlish – would not be too suitable for them.

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Finally, Luslonger concludes the series by pinpointing the best gifts for a “slutty” girlfriend.

According to Luslonger, the word “slutty” as used here does not mean “slutty” in the traditional sense.

“To me, a slutty girlfriend is a woman who is confident of her body, who knows what she wants and does not fear going after what she wants,” Luslonger explains.

To those men out there who have the fortune of running into a girlfriend who enjoys sex as much as they do, Luslonger has another set of suggestions as to what the best gifts are.

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