Best Gift for Women This Christmas Revealed

“Hint for men: It is neither clothes nor jewellery, and it’s got nothing to do with fashion accessories,” love teacher explains.

The author of a website on dating and relationship is once again giving unusual advice about the best gift that men can give to their women this Christmas, and he is not about to let up on the strange suggestion that he has made in a press statement released a few days ago.

Richard Luslonger, the main contributor to a fledgling dating and relationship website, has reiterated his stance on what constitutes the best gift for women this Christmas.

In a previous press statement released to international media a few days ago, Luslonger explained the rationale for the blog entry he posted on the website:

“Traditionally, men have had to contend with choosing clothes, fashion accessories and jewellery for their wives or girlfriends during Christmas. The sad thing is, the male species has not been created to make decisions about these things.”

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Since the publication of the press release and the blog post, Luslonger has been receiving flak for his somewhat insensitive – and sometimes controversial – comments and suggestion.

According to those who have read his blog post, Luslonger’s suggestion is degrading to women, and is offensive to men who are conservative by nature.

To this, Luslonger has this to say:

“I have already warned my readers. Those who are not open to the truth should not bother to read my blog post. Don’t bother to click any of the links here, and don’t bother to be informed about the best Christmas gift that you can ever give to the women of your life.”

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The controversial love teacher is adamant that what he is suggesting hits at the very core of the problem that every man faces: that is, choosing a gift that is memorable, sentimental and appreciated by their female companions.

“It is really not what you think.”

The blog post is part of a website that provides information on dating, relationships and physical intimacy. The website, entitled “How to Make a Girl Like You”, strives to be the ultimate resource site for men who want to form a deep relationship with the girls or women they desire.

The website contains advice as to how men can go about asking girls for a date, how to approach women to be their girlfriends, and how to go about the act of physical intimacy.

Due to the nature of the website – Luslonger warns again – readers who are conservative by nature should avoid it altogether and not click on any of the links in this press release.

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