Best Float Tank In Seattle 2017 Trophy Won by Level Float and Sensory Spa.

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Level Float Spa is a Sensory deprivation center based in Seattle Washington. Floatation neuro spa therapies aim to provide many people with high level of relaxation and optimum central nervous system function. They exclusively provide mind and body healing energy, effective means of reducing stress.

Level Float and Sensory Spa has been voted the #1 Float Tank center by Seattle Weekly. Opened just 10 months ago, the Level Float Spa offers all the latest Float Tanks as well as larger Float Suites, which can accommodate taller visitors and those who may be claustrophobic. Thus, they have the trusted name for luxurious float life experience. #Floatfans appreciate the modern facility and selected Level Float Spa as the number one Seattle float tank.

Level Float Spa exclusively provides their clients with amazing access to relaxation through their float spa services. This type of spa therapy gives anyone the opportunity to let their mind and central nervous system experience high amount of rest. Their float spa service is known for its countless benefits at a very affordable price. They are also giving away float Seattle promo code giving their valuable customers a total float spa experience.

At Level Float Spa, clients can choose from their two floatation tanks – float pods and float suites. The Sensory deprivation tank are minimal yet sleekly designed capsules that provide cuddling effects. However, most prefer the because of its space and ultimate comfort. They also experience having sharper thinking abilities and healthier instincts. They were able to treat their joints and muscles with great balance, escape to coil tensions and redirection of healing energy. Click Here to Watch Video

Unlike other providers out there, Float spa is far different from any spa therapy where customers receive plenty of benefits such as good blood circulation and incomparable level of relaxation. When people visit Level Float Spa, they are able to satisfy their unique intensions such as:

Relief of chronic pain, soreness and tension Ability to train harder while promoting faster athletic recoveryOvercome jet lagsLower blood sugar and increase blood flowAid thinking and increase productivity, clarity and creativity Decrease self-destructive and addictive tendencies Faster and more comprehensive central nervous system rest than sleep

Level Float Spa is a perfect place whenever people seek for luxurious way of keeping their central nervous system well-rested and acquire complete relaxation. Their nomination for Best Float Tank in Seattle 2017 serves as proof that they are outstanding in providing optimum float life and luxury at reasonable price.

For more information about their float spa therapy, anyone can send them email at or contact them at 206-456-4500. So, keep in touch with as they are available in convenient location near Seattle Center and famous Space Needle.

“I love their float pods. I feel amazing relaxation after having their float spa experience and I will definitely recommend Level Float Spa to my officemates.”

-Jennifer W.

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