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NutroBest fish oil was born out of the desperate need to provide a highly quality product with more affordable price. So it is dedicated to help consumers get the most potent, fresh and pure fish oil supplements. For more information

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Consumers today are discovering the amazing health benefits of fish oil — which is rich in Omega 3 — an antioxidant that more than 8,000 clinical studies have linked with optimal health and disease prevention.

But many of the fish oil supplements being marketed today actually contain few of the long-chain Omega 3 derivatives – such as EPA and DHA – that help prevent such conditions as heart disease, arthritis and even cancer. In fact, many imported supplements contain only trace amounts of actual fish oil itself.

Instead, these cheaply produced, rushed to market products are often filled with fillers, including glycerin, gelatin and even fat.

But now there's a new fish oil supplement that is not only as potent – if not more potent – than any other product available today for promoting health, but it also has the highest purity level of any other Omega-3 supplement.

It's called NutroBest Omega 3 fish oil and it has a higher concentration of actual fish oil (93% concentration) than even prescription fish oils. Plus, NutroBest Omega fish oil tablets are made only from fish that are wild caught in the North Atlantic and have been immediately immersed in lemons to eliminate the nasty “fishy” flavor found in many other supplements.

That means with NutroBest Omega 3, one will never have any of those disgusting and embarrassing “fish burps” that are so common with other products. And because of their higher cocentration, one also don't have to take them as often daily to still get the regenerative and restorative health benefits.

Plus, NutroBest Omega 3 is made using a patented molecular distillation process that removes any potential toxins, including dioxins, PCBs and mercury. Unlike supplements made in China and elsewhere, NutroBest Omega 3 washes away these dangerous elements before they can ever get into the person's system.

Best of all, NutroBest Omega 3 is one of the most affordable fish oil supplements on the market today, selling for just pennies per pill – compared to up to $2 to $3 per pill for many of its competitors.

So it is happy to announce launching its new omega 3 fish oil pills

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