Best East Kilbride Removals Service Launches Man With Van Single Item Moves

VanByTheHour is celebrating the launching of new service single item pick ups in East Kilbride by giving £5 off each booking in July. Further information can be found at

In a move geared to save money for its customers is launching a new service; single item pick ups., a removals East Kilbride business has decided it will celebrate the launch by giving £5 off each single item picked up in the month of July 2018. This is expected to start Monday 2nd July 2018 and run through the end of the month.

Where most businesses tend to just let their close friends know and leave it at that, VanByTheHour has decided to be a little more exciting with the start of its new service; single item pick ups. This service is for items such as sofas, wardrobes, washers and dryers etc. This is geared for those people that feel like the item may be just too big for their car boot but they do not necessarily want to rent a van themselves.

John Ewell, Partner at VanByTheHour, says: “We wanted to be exciting with the launch of our new service; single item pick ups. We decided to celebrate the launch this way, because we want our customers to truly benefit from this. In the past there has been a lot of back and forth with regards to price so a discount should and will help. Most of our competitors and indeed, ourselves, have always favoured the bigger jobs due to the fact that they generate more money for us. This launch changes that mind-frame for us.

It should be really worthwhile and we’re hoping it this offer gets more people to book this service and experience the level of care and expertise we bring to the removals game. Most of our competitors think mere brute strength is all it takes to remove people’s property and belongings. It is not. There is more to this than just strength. Way more..! It should go great unless we anger the Gods in some way!”

VanByTheHour has always made a point of standing out when compared to other Removals East Kilbride companies in the area. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways it does so.

This is a great chance for East Kilbride residents to get to know that they show up on time, are efficient and take great care of their stuff all at a very good price. They can also get the chance to support a removals business that helps other local businesses.

VanByTheHour has been serving the East Kilbride area since 2014. To date it has served over 1000 customers and has become recognized as one of the most popular in the area. They are based in Greenhills near the Ally McCoist Leisure Facility of East Kilbride. They help people move anything at all. Including this new service, the full offering will now be single item moves and full house moves including flats no matter how high the floor is. Moves can be house to house, flat to flat or any combination thereof.

They can pick up sofas or couches, fridge-freezers, tumble dryers, washing machines – you name it! They can do commercial moves as well. Most of their customers called from all over South Lanarkshire. From areas including East Kilbride, Thorntonhall, Clarkston, Busby, Blantyre, Hamilton, Motherwell,Glasgow, Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow East End, Glasgow Southside, Glasgow West End, Strathaven, Eaglesham, Rutherglen, Cumberslang and beyond.

John Ewell also said: “While VanByTheHour may not be the only business with this kind of offering, local residents are choosing VanByTheHour because people that use us can see that we are a team of men with van guys that are friendly, polite and take care of your stuff and property surroundings.”

When asked about the new service; single item pick ups, John Ewell said: “We think it’s going to be a hit because our new offering will be a success. In removals most businesses want the full house removals for the obvious reason that there is more money there. However with the huge local second hand markets taking place in open markets, on Gumtree and eBay etc there is a huge need to move items such as sofas, beds, wardrobes, washers and tumble dryers. Even main street retailers such as Next, Argos and IKEA do not often offer delivery services for some items again bringing up demand for this service. Given that people usually buy these used items at brilliant second hand prices, a high transport cost could defeat the purpose. Our offer will help them keep the overall costs low as they had intended to begin with. “.

Further information about VanByTheHour and the new service; single item pick ups can be found at

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