Best Domestic Violence Charity To Donate To Helps Ex Prisoners Phoenix AZ USA

Phoenix, Arizona. Smiles and Beyond' is one of USA’s best Domestic Violence Abuse Charities to donate to and also helps ex prisoners ex felons become productive members of society.

‘Smiles and Beyond’ is a charity you can donate to that provides restored smiles to domestic violence victims (survivors) and ex prisoners who are committed to rebuilding their lives. The nonprofit organization is based in Phoenix , Arizona, USA.

They’re announcing an online virtual fundraising event called ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’. More about the event can be found at . It is on September 30, 2020 and if you visit the website after that date you can still donate.

Smiles and Beyond ‘Event Chair’ Beth Wiand adds ‘What started out as a fashion luncheon has transcended into a full-blown virtual extravaganza that will help Smiles reach well beyond anything we could have done in a ballroom’.

At this virtual event, you’ll see inspirational stories of people turning their lives around with the help of Smiles and Beyond and you can also win prizes such as a weekend stay at a Winery in Napa Valley.

Whether you donate now or during the virtual event, all donations will be matched 100% thanks to the generosity of Foster & Lynn Friess doubling the amount you give.

At present 70+ dentists and lab professionals contribute up to $850,000 of dental services annually to Smiles and Beyond. So far more than 425 domestic abuse survivors and ex prisoners have had their smiles renewed.

Of those 425 recipients, not one formerly incarcerated person has returned to prison, nor has any domestic violence survivor returned to their abuser. That is a 0% recidivism rate!

Recipients are reunited with their children, gainfully employed, getting married and buying homes. They are building communities and reaching back to help others through a renewed purpose in life.

A team member said “ The impact of this program has created a ripple effect in our community by bettering the lives of our recipients who continue to pay it forward”.

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