Best Domestic Latte Machines Home Espresso & Coffee Brewing Guide Launched

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Coffee Brewing Methods has launched an article with information on how to find the best latte machine and many other tips and advice on how to brew coffee and espresso using various methods.

Coffee and espresso website Coffee Brewing Methods has launched a detailed comparison guide to help people decide on the best latte maker for their home. The website offers comprehensive information about the different coffee and espresso brewing methods and machines.

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According to the website, the recipe for a latte calls for espresso and steamed milk, so in theory all that is required to make a latte is an espresso machine and a milk frothing device. Things a slightly more complex than that, but the idea is that lattes are not as expensive to make as other espresso based drinks. In conclusion, the type of espresso machine recommended depends entirely on the customer’s budget, and the desired level of convenience.

Super automatic espresso machines are the easiest to use, the most convenient and have the most features. But they are also the most expensive, and usually only purchased by busy latte lovers or larger families where the expense is justified. All it takes to make a latte is pressing a button. On the other hand, espresso geeks find that super-automatics do not offer the same quality of the espresso shot.

When asked to comment on the prices for an automatic machine, Bodnariuc said, “Buyers look for convenience more than espresso shot’s quality or even the machine’s reliability. People know that in the end they will save money anyway, compared to buying it from the local shop. Think about the recipe for a latte: 2 ounces coffee and 8 ounces milk. The taste of the espresso shot is almost irrelevant.”

Semi-automatic machines are more affordable, but in a lot of ways they require more skill. The article’s author Dorian Bodnariuc recommends the DeLonghi EC702 Semi Automatic Espresso maker as it is reasonably priced and allows baristas to show their skill and create unique drinks every time.

For domestic use, he recommends the Nespresso Lattissima line, which is a capsule-based espresso brewer with an automatic milk frother. This makes the process as easy as pressing a button and requires no major skill or technique to brew the perfect latte.

Another great home latte machine is the Keurig Rivo Latte Machine, which is less expensive than the Nespresso version and still makes a great espresso, latte or cappuccino. It also has a feature to froth cold milk, which is great for those summer days when a cold coffee beverage is needed.

The site also includes more information on how to brew coffee including how to make cold brew coffee, how to use coffee grinders, French presses, AeroPresses, how to brew the perfect espresso and how to use a Moka Pot. Interested parties can find more information and read about espresso and latte on the website:

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