Best Digital Marketing Course John Thornhill Ambassador Program JV Launched

John Thornhill has launched a comprehensive training course that teaches individuals to begin an online career. He has merged affiliate marketing, joint ventures, high commissions, and MLM.

John Thornhill, an expert marketer, has launched his Ambassador Program, an affiliate marketing program coupled with a joint venture and network marketing opportunity. This comprehensive training program gives individuals the necessary tools to earn large commissions.

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John Thornhill has launched this program to help individuals looking to change careers and develop an internet marketing business. In an environment where disruptive technologies change the way business is done, he has reengineered familiar affiliate marketing processes and commission protocols into a hybrid system that generates maximum profits.

He has launched the Ambassador affiliate program to help internet marketers sell both affiliate products and their own products and services. This training program teaches people how to sell and promote physical and digital products, services, and coaching programs they have created. Additionally, it helps marketers develop a network of joint venture partners who promote those products in exchange for a commission.

One of John’s products, “Partnership To Success,” is a training program that teaches men and women how to create and market digital products. Marketing sequences for that training program are integrated into the Ambassador Program. The joining of this strategy to MLM makes this program more profitable than many of the training courses available in the market. For further explanation, see

The Ambassador Program allows students to automate sales and achieve success online by creating and selling products. The step-by-step instructions begin with niche research, graphic creation, sales video creation, sales page creation, domain registration, and web hosting.

Technical aspects of setting up a business online include server management, PHP scripts. HTML, FTP, WordPress, and building a members area. As one progresses, marketing skills such as selling product strategy, product branding, split testing, and product delivery are covered.

Further education continues in the program with instructions on training videos, payment processors, customer support, monitoring sites and video assets, social media page & monitoring, web security, and product returns.

This program’s launch gives a beginner to digital marketing a clear path to running a profitable online business. Several unique value propositions involve maintaining control over leads, the merger of affiliate marketing and MLM, and the production of one’s own products and services, and the building of a network of affiliates.

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