Best Cooking Gifts Announces FREE Shipping Offer on Amazon of it’s Bakeware Set

"Baking has never been easier or so good for so many, as they reap the benefits of the extraordinary silicone technology that this bakeware set utilizes."

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Baking it would appear, has found its self a new hero with the introduction of the Best Bakeware Set to the nonstick silicone bakeware market, which has been designed to achieve maximum convenience in all aspects of baking and oven baked cooking.


York, NY (August 9th, 2014) – Douglas Stuart, Managing Director of Best Cooking Gifts Ltd, announced a further addition to the hugely popular and well received special offer they are currently running on for the Best Bakeware Set. Confirming that the decision had been made to improve the offer to make it even more enticing, by including free shipping to non Amazon Prime members if orders of 2 or more sets are placed during the offer period which is due to end in August.

When pressed on why they were improving on an offer that was already producing record sales, Stuart was pretty candid with his response stating, “Baking has never been easier or so good for so many, as the benefits are reaped of the extraordinary silicone technology that this bakeware set utilizes, which in turn has had the impact of setting the bar pretty high for various other cooking gift sets and suppliers to live up to. Therefore, with the anticipation of even greater sales levels, this places Best Cooking Gifts at the forefront of the Cooking Gifts marketplace and ahead of the competition”.

Common struggles in the kitchen

such as uneven baking, futile attempts to separate cookies from parchment paper

and the dreaded cleaning of cookware that follows baking - so dreaded that it

discourages many from baking itself - are now a thing of the past for so many bakers who've begun using this set.

As a result, the set has received some fantastic accolades from customers who have a lot to say about it, as exemplified by the rave reviews that can be found on

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Many appear to have been turned on to this product by friends or family who have purchased it and been delighted by it. Therefore, as opposed to having to purchase yet another new set of baking pans they have ended up investing in this new bakeware set. Also several people whilst they have previously heard of baking mats never thought they needed them, have since invested in the set, as they thought that the mats were just for baking cookies. Most have then been pleasantly surprised to learn that these mats can be used for anything baked in the oven that would normally stick and been amazed at how fantastic this bakeware set worked!

When received many have commented that the product was well packaged and had a nice set of clear instructions for first time use and maintenance for the product. Although it may be a no brainer to some, it's fair to say that a lot of people hate to cook and want little to do with it. So when they find a product that is clear and to the point, it gets them on their way to cooking a meal quicker and with the least amount of frustration.

Another major comment appearing in the reviews of the set on Amazon was that the product is well made and fits perfectly inside normal baking pans/sheets. One of the most striking features of the set that appears to have the Wow factor with it's customers was how happy they all were to see that even if they had had spilled their meal on the product, and even though it looked like it was caked on, it actually takes about 30 seconds of running the baking mat under warm water for the mat to turn from sticky to silky and that is when the magic happens. One customer even commented that when they took the mat to the sink, “finally the cleaning gods had answered their prayers!”. “No more hard scrubbing trying to get the scuff off the pan itself It was so easy to finally clean up spilled baked goods. Finally no loud clanking of the sink trying to wash pans and the kicker was It drys in seconds, just roll it up and store. Love them”.

Although some may sound a bit over enthusiastic over the product in the reviews they have been leaving, in all seriousness it would appear that this bakeware set is a great product and one that most will keep around for a very long time. Most are enthused by the fact that once they replace their baking pans/sheets that they can be assured that these mats will protect the pans from most messes and avoid the caked on food.

This set it would appear, has come as a godsend to many for whom, baking has been nothing less than a battle against the elements in the kitchen, plus you can now access FREE shipping.

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