Best Cooking Gifts Announces End of its Sale of Revolutionary Cooking Gift Set

Douglas Stuart, Managing Director of Best Cooking Gifts Ltd, today confirmed the date for the culmination of the recent hugely successful launch sale of their Best Bakeware Set in the USA on

Glasgow, Scotland – August 11th, 2014 /PressCable/

This revolutionary non-stick bakeware set has answered the plight of many of those who are not particularly gifted with

baking or cooking skills, as it is designed to be used by complete kitchen novices, as well as culinary experts. It also has the effect of saving time and energy – which are certainly a luxury in current times.

New York, NY (August 11th, 2014) – Douglas Stuart, Managing Director of Best Cooking Gifts Ltd, today confirmed the date for the culmination of the recent hugely successful launch sale of their Best Bakeware Set in the USA on Stuart stated,”Sadly, all good things must come to an end and therefore we confirm our existing sale will end on the 31st of August 2014. We encourage anyone that is still contemplating purchasing our bakeware set to do so sooner rather than later while stocks last, or risk missing out on this great deal”.

When asked what he felt were the reasons that their Bakeware Set had been received so warmly and enthusiastically by Amazons' army of buyers, Stuart responded with the following commentary on his company's product:

“Basically as it's armed with the latest silicone technology, this bakeware set comes equipped with all the

necessary features required for neat and skilled baking, whilst still being completely newbie friendly. It also leaves absolutely no room for the untidiness that is usually associated with traditional baking, which is a feature considered to be the winning factor by many of the customers who have purchased the set so far. Put simply the 2 silicone baking mats have already replaced traditional parchment paper in many households as a direct result of their superiority in terms of performance and results.”

Stuart then concluded with the following: “Furthermore, each silicone mat is 1mm in thickness, providing heat resistance and significantly increased durability, in contrast with the majority of other

mats available for sale online that are usually no more than 0.35 - 0.75 mm thick. It is also non-stick and true to its word, in that there is absolutely no need for grease, as baked items can be effortlessly removed from the mats. This feature alone has saved our customers a lot of time that is usually otherwise spent on battling to separate items from baking sheets, traditional parchment paper or poorer quality baking mats. Each mat has also been engineered for 4000+ uses that authenticates its durability and hence

why it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and valid FDA approval of materials used in its production.”

The other two components of the sets are a non-stick oven liner and a crisping mesh. Both these elements are a must have in any kitchen that sees a lot of baking; the oven liner dramatically eliminates the need for cleaning of the oven in case of spills, while the crisping mesh ensures even cooking of all items, especially items such as pizza, french fries and bacon. It also crisps items that would normally require deep frying for a crispy texture so it is also very high on health benefits.

The entire set ensures an even distribution of heat, giving rise to a perfectly baked item. Apart from these features, it is

also best-loved by many for the fact that it is completely microwave, dishwasher and freezer friendly, and also extremely easy to store and transport. Its non-stick property enables customers to spend the absolute minimum amount of time in cleaning it and also saves money with limited resource usage. All these traits combined make the silicone bakeware set a wonderful cooking gift to those in dire need of it.

In conclusion to further enhance everyone's cooking experience, Best Bakeware Set also comes with the added bonus of a free E-book of 100 best baking mat recipes which, in the main, are very simple recipes to help you bake something exceptional each and every day.

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