Best Chocolate Training Online Classes With Tastings Food Pairing History Launch

Chocolate University Online has announced an online chocolate class. The fun 9-month class aims to educate consumers on the many aspects of tasting, pairing, and preparing chocolate.

Chocolate University Online recently announced its online chocolate classes. The classes aim to educate consumers on the many aspects of chocolate including: chocolate tastings, chocolate history, and pairing chocolate with other food and drinks.

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The launch aims to educate consumers about the history and many facets of chocolate. It also provides recipes to experiment with. This fun chocolate training can make a unique and educational gift during the holiday season.

Consumers spend over $7 billion annually on chocolate. U.S. consumers eat approximately 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate each year which represents nearly half of the world’s supply. However, studies conclude that the typical Swiss consumes approximately 8.8 kilograms per year individually.

Chocolate is made from a seed that comes from a fruit tree. Each cacao tree produces approximately 2,500 beans. Due to the delicacy of the cacao tree, farmers lose approximately 30 percent of their crop annually. It requires 400 cocoa beans to make a single pound of chocolate.

There are many interesting and little-known facts regarding chocolate. Dr. James Baker and John Hannon founded a chocolate company that was later called Walter Baker Chocolate. This is where the term “baker’s chocolate” comes from. Although, many people assume that it is an indication of chocolate that is only meant for cooking.

Multiple scientific studies support the idea that chocolate can be enjoyed as part of a balanced, heart-healthy diet and lifestyle. Chocolate University Online aims to educate consumers about chocolate through the utilization of their online chocolate classes.

The course is to be received as a weekly email over the duration of 9 months. It includes a download link with simple, detailed instructions, and a lesson that progresses each week. Bonus material is periodically included that contains more advanced concepts.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Through the course, you will learn all about chocolate. The program will help you: discover the depths of milk and dark chocolate flavors, learn what great chocolates to have on hand to share, impress family and friends with your chocolate knowledge, become the “chocolate snob” you’ve always wanted to be, and get that nice chocolate feeling every day.”

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