Best Chickasha Car Dealerships Recognized By Car Dealership Reviews In Chickasha

Linked World Info has recognized two car dealerships in Chickasha as being trusted dealerships with reputable sales teams you can trust.

Linked World Info, has went on the search for car dealerships in Chickasha, OK to find the front runners in the realm of car sales and customer care.

Linked world info, has today recognized two car dealerships in Chickasha, Oklahoma for being not only trusted dealerships, but for being a dealerships that have very reputable sales teams.

Seth, a reporter with Link World Info has done some research as to why the community of Chickasha, OK has been so attracted to these dealerships. “From the information I have gathered it seems the main reason for these dealership’s success is their customer service and care. Customers feel as though their sales teams helps them find the car they want, without forcing a sale that the customer might later regret. Which ever model you are in search of, it’s nice to know that there are local dealerships that actually care about thier customers”

In a recent interview with John Holt, the owner of the largest dealership in Chickasha, he commented on a few things that contributed to his success. “In the last couple years we have seen a drop in sales do to the oil industry that’s currently struggling. Some of our best customers work in the oil industry and many have lost their jobs resulting in a drop of truck sales. Even with the drop of truck sales we have stayed positive and with the support from many different walks of life we are still pushing our business to new levels. One of our best selling vehicle types are the crossovers like the Chevy Traverse. We have been doing a lot of marketing to welcome new customer to the family, reaching the market of Lawton, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City. Our main goal is to show our community and the surrounding cities that we really care about them and to come on down to experience what we have to offer in person.”

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Over the years this seems to make or break a car dealership. Car dealerships with an aggressive sales staff seem to scare customers off by trying to force them into a purchase. Yes, they might get a quick sale, but customers might not be 100% sure when making the purchase and often have regrets latter on.

The dealerships recognized today are reported to have the communities most reputable sales staff. With customers always returning, it’s not the make and model that seals the deal, but the trust the people have in the dealership. Customers have said that when they have a question it can be answered and when they have a problem it can be fixed. When they are on the lot they receive help looking for a vehicle that fits what they want, not a salesman saying that’s the one, now come sign a paper.

Randy Byford, the owner of a very successful Buick and GMC dealership in Chickasha also commented on some things that lead to his success.

“We have always pushed customer support and care as the top priority within our business. We have gained a reputation within the community for being a dealership that really cares about our customers and we are really proud of that. We have have seen a drop in truck sales that I believe relates to the economy. Our oil industry has seen a downfall that has affected our truck sales, but we always stay positive. Some positive affects we have seen is an amazing increase in our service department. With many workers within the oil industry holding onto their vehicles a little longer, they are opting to get service done to their vehicle and not trading it in. Over all the market has seemed to stay very active with cars and SUV’s. We are very proud of our success and will continue to push our business to serve the community of Chickahsa and surrounding areas.”

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The biggest thing to stress to people looking for a car is to do what they think is right. If they are not 100% positive the vehicle is the right one then they shouldn’t buy it. It’s not good when people get pushed into a purchase they weren’t sure of. When looking for a car take time, look around, and go to a dealership with a reputable sales staff that is known to help the customer find a car that matches the customers needs, and not a car they just want to sell.

Seth with Link World Info goes on to say “Remember, when you go to shop trust yourself, you know what’s best and only you can make the final decision. Go to a reputable dealership with a sales staff known to care about their customers.”

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