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Coordinate Your Project Team Before You Begin Renovations Warns Gold Coast Electrical Contractor EJ Electrical Works In Burleigh Heads

The proliferation of fast home renovation shows on TV have led some homeowners to think that renos are easily cobbled together. But, warns EJ Barnes, a Gold Coast electrical contractor, good planning and coordination is as important in home renovation projects as it is in any construction project.

Project management is a complex business, and communication is key to a well-coordinated project. It s when homeowners start calling in contractors piecemeal that the trouble begins, says Barnes. For the best results, he suggests calling in contractors simultaneously before the works begin so that they can discuss the places where their tasks interface.

For example, he says, our work comes after the builders and the success of some of it depends on what the builders do. I find it best to approach the project as a team rather than as two individual contractors with separate agendas.

Electricity is something people are inclined to take for granted, says EJ Barnes. But remembering that even small changes in home layout will affect the places where we want access to power, lighting, and so on helps homeowners to stay on budget.

DIY renos often reach a point where someone remembers they re going to want a power point to move, and then it s time for us to save the day again! While experienced electricians like EJ are expert at rescuing the uninitiated from the consequences of a poorly-planned renovation, EJ likes his customers to enjoy plain sailing.

If you re planning to change the layout of kitchen counters even switch your lounge or bedroom furniture around, you might need electrical work done. The good news is it might cost less than you expected. The bad news is that things are going to be pretty inconvenient for you for a while if electrical work came as afterthought to a home improvement project.

Whether you ve chosen to use professional construction and electrical contractors for renovations or need help with a few tweaks you re taking on as a DIY project, EJ Barnes says there s always a project team.

With a reno, there s less pressure than there is with a big construction project, but the same principles apply. All the people who are involved must coordinate and cooperate to get the project completed to specification. That means starting a dialogue before we begin works.

For EJ Barnes and his team, working with construction companies is part of the regular routine. EJ Electrical works understands the need to keep renovation projects on track, on schedule, and to specification, and that makes the company a favourite with Gold Coast construction companies.

But homeowners are still very much a part of EJ s customer base and the reasons why they like dealing with EJ Electrical Works are similar to those of the construction companies. We don t believe in dual standards, says EJ. That s what professionalism s about.

The message is clear. If you re considering a home renovation project, and you need a Gold Coast electrician on your project team, EJ Electrical Works is ready to see it through with you from planning to completion. Reach businesses like EJ Electrical Works and Coastline Local Electricians via their websites giving them a call on 1300-DIAL-EJ,that s 1300 342 535.

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