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A new site about beards has been launched. It presents both classic and current beard styles, care and an up to date list of beard products including a list of bear care kits.

LC Stephens started a new site focused on beards, beard styles and the products used to take care of beards. He believes that knowledge is power when it comes to taking care of a beard and his site is dedicated to educating its readers everything about beards.

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Ok Beard Styles just launched and covers many interesting aspects in the world of beards and beard care products. Articles such as Beard Balm 101 and Beard Itch give beard lovers information they need to take good care of their beards.

One article lists 24 different types of beards. The types listed include Van Dyke, Beard, and Moustache Combo, The Full Beard, The Classic, The Yeard, The Bushy Beard, Dutch, Beards for a Round Face, The Fade, Shaved Head, Curly Hair with Beard, Hair Slicked Back, Man Bun and Beard, Pompadour, The Patchy Beard, Moustache, Balbo, Messy Hair, Go, Grey, The Shaped Beard, Biker Beard, Short Style, Short and Textured and Stubble

Once a beard style is decided upon one must then care for their beard. 2020 brings many new products to the market and the latest post covers some of these items.

The first is a universal beard care kit. A beard care kit can help ensure that all the necessary beard care needs are met. They also contain several brushes, balms, and oils that can help maintain a beard in perfect condition.

One item that should be in every beard kit includes a product called Rapid Beard. It has several natural ingredients including Vitamin E, Argan, and Jojoba oils which keep skin and beard healthy and hydrated.

There are several Beard Kits listed and they all include a comb, a boar bristle brush, beard oil, beard comb, a boar bristle brush, beard oil, beard balm, and barber scissors.

Some of the bard kits listed include GoldWorld Beard Care and Grooming Kit, Beard Reverence Premium Beard Grooming Kit for Men, Tame’s Premium Beard Grooming Kit, MayBeau Beard Kit for Men, Mountaineer Brand Beard Trimming Kit, and the Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men.

LC Stephens the creator this site states,” What started as a quest to style my beard, has turned into my passion to educate other men around all aspects of beard styles. Despite all of the different styles and products, I wanted to make this simple for everyone. Knowledge is power!”

The launch of this s coitevering beard styles, care and beard kits and products was created to educate anyone who has chosen to grow a beard.

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