Best Bakeware Set Transforms Cooking Gifts in the USA with Non Stick Silicone

“Best Bakeware Set” revolutionizes cooking gifts with its Non-Stick Silicone technology The Best Bakeware Set has proved to be a home run as it makes baking and general cooking easy for all, with its non-stick bakeware.

Glasgow, Scotland – August 5th, 2014 /PressCable/

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The Best Bakeware Set has proved to be a home run, as it makes baking and general cooking easy for all with its non-stick bakeware.

Best Cooking Gifts Ltd Announces the Launch of its Best Bakeware Set in the USA

New York, NY (July 29th, 2014) 30/07/2014 – Best Cooking Gifts Ltd, an established Scottish Company and leader in high quality cookware and bakeware gifts, today announced the debut of its Best Bakeware Set, The set consists of 2 premium quality silicone non-stick baking mats, (1mm each), a crisping mesh and a non-stick oven liner.

According to Best Cooking Gifts Ltd's Managing Director Douglas Stuart, the Best Bakeware Set will be available for purchase on 05/08/2014 and details of where it will be made available for sale online will be released shortly. “Our customers have been asking for this and we are excited to deliver such a high quality product to them,” said Stuart. “We are very confident that this is the best bakeware set on the market today and we feel confident that consumers will agree with us.”

This bakeware set has transformed cumbersome baking into something that can be embraced by all. With its 1mm thick Silicone baking mats being the highlight of the set, many have said good riddance to uneven and messy baking forever. Moreover, it is non-stick, which forms an essential feature for easy baking. The FDA approved silicone can withstand high temperatures and the thickness ensures there is no curling of the edges upon continuous usage. This has been a commonly encountered problem with parchment paper or other poorer quality silicone baking mats, which tend to have a thickness of just 0.35 - 0.75mm. This bakeware set, with mats at 1mm thick, has been specifically designed to be long lasting, with a durability factor that is good for 4000+ uses, which significantly outstrips the majority of their competition in the performance stakes.

The set also contains 1 non-stick oven liner and 1 crisping mesh. The oven liner comes in very handy as it is designed to catch spills that can then be easily cleaned without hours of elbow grease being required. The crisping mesh has also pleased many as it is perfect for cooking evenly on both sides or for the crisping of foods like fries, bacon, etc, which is often a deciding factor of a good dish. The entire set comes with instructions that are easy to understand and execute. Another winning feature of this set is that it comes with the value added bonus of a free E-book with details of 100 easy and varied recipes that one can utilize to increase the scope of their baking skills.

Best Bakeware Set has received a tremendous response from Best Cooking Gifts' existing customer base, who are now recommending or gifting this product to many more like-minded cooks and bakers. It indeed appears to make an excellent cooking gift set for those who struggle in the kitchen, as this set saves time, money and energy. It also eliminates the need for any cooking sprays, parchment paper or extra grease, oils or fats, alleviating and enhancing the baking experience. Therefore, one can also be assured of preparing much healthier food as it will now be free from any extra grease or fat and it can even be utilized to cook dishes that would normally require deep frying.

As an added bonus, the complete set is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. It's also easy to clean without the requirement of any detergent. Despite its ability to withstand high temperatures, it cools down quickly, which many have found convenient. To add to this convenience, it has been designed with a flexible structure which allows easy portability and storage. By serving all purposes, this set undoubtedly redefines the standards previously associated with bakeware in terms of its ease of use in the kitchen.

Best Bakeware Set

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