Best Back Pain Relief Home-Use Massage Gadgets Wedge Pillow Guide Launched

Fitness Fahrenheit, the online information resource for health and wellbeing, has launched a new guide on devices to be used at home to ease the pain and discomfort of back pain. Five low-cost products are covered in depth to allow smarter buying decisions.

Fitness Fahrenheit, the trusted online information resource for health and well being, has launched a new guide highlighting five devices that can be used at home to ease the pain and discomfort of back pain. The guide gives detailed information on each product, together with useful links to enable back pain sufferers to make a smarter purchase decision.

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Fitness Fahrenheit is an online resource site that provides detailed reviews on a wide range of fitness and lifestyle products. It also covers workout regimes and dietary products together with invaluable advice on healthy eating.

The site provides detailed information for men and women and includes links to reviews from satisfied users that allow an informed purchase at the best possible price. Their new guide covers the best devices to ease the chronic pain and discomfort of back pain.

Heat therapy has been shown to relieve both neck and back pain, while cooling therapy can also bring comfort and relief. Physicool bandages provide a tailored cooling solution that can be applied direct to the pain exactly where it is needed on the neck, back or knees.

Fast-evaporating alcohol is infused into the bandages which evaporates on contact with skin to reduce the heat of inflammation and ease away pain. Each bandage provides up to two hours of cooling relief with a spray offered to renew the bandages’ cooling properties.

Theracane is a specially designed handheld massage tool with seven heads and two settings to provide a variety of soothing home massage routines. An alternative approach is a massage cushion, which can also provide a useful aid.

The U-shaped PharMeDoc Pillow offers excellent posture support on both sides of the body for side sleepers and is especially useful to relieve back pain during pregnancy. The wedge system of this design also provides excellent support for back sleepers as it raises the head, knees, and feet to keep the back naturally curved.

Many back-pain sufferers choose to use stretchers and traction devices at home. When used effectively, simple low-cost gadgets, such as the reviewed Spine-Worx or Back Magic Plus, can help stretch and realign the back to provide lasting comfort.

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