Best Audio Streaming Podcast Platform Curated True Crime Playlist Released

Audio streaming platform Vurbl have released a new playlist featuring cult-related podcasts. The playlist forms part of Vurbl’s commitment to providing users with the tools to assemble playlists and deliver their own podcasts.

An audio streaming destination, Vurbl, has released a new podcast playlist with an emphasis on the world of cults. Crafted by a team of curators, this playlist launch offers listeners a selection of podcasts that explore famous cults across history.

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The newly announced playlist comes as a part of Vurbl’s aim to offer both curated playlists and the tools for listeners to assemble user-created playlists as a part of their service. The platform also allows visitors to the platform to create and upload their own podcasts.

The playlist features ten podcasts related to cults which form part of the true crime genre. In the UK, true crime in the vein of Vurbl’s new playlist remains a popular entertainment genre. Television channels featuring true crime regularly reach over five million people a month.

Vurbl’s playlist service, beyond their newly released cult-related collection, includes over 200 content categories. In addition to podcasts, the streaming destination features audio formats including audiobooks, radio shows, guided meditation, and ambient sound.

By offering playlists picked by curators, Vurbl seeks to provide users with highlights from a variety of audio content on key topics, including cults and other examples of the true crime genre. The service also features categories including comedy, sports, religion, adventure, and speeches.

Vurbl’s services also include resources designed to help podcasters get started, offering advice and support on subjects ranging from how to build websites to recommendations for audio accessories.

Vurbl is an audio streaming destination that supports creators by providing a ‘station’ model, aiming to help listeners connect with the right content.

Vurbl also hosts its own podcast, featuring interviews with creatives working in the realm of audio. The platform hosts twenty-five million audio files comprised of over six hundred thousand podcasts and other forms of audio content.

Audra Gold, Co-Founder and CEO of Vurbl, said: “We are hoping to fundamentally change the way audio is distributed and consumed, and create a democratized market for audio creators to thrive.”

Vurbl’s new playlist, and more information on the platform, can be found on the URL above.

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