Best Amazon Seller Instructional Course Step By Step Videos Review Released

A report on the updated Operation Physical Products has been released. It outlines a course developed by Ezra Firestone and working with Jason Fladlien and his Rapid Crush team.

Crucial Constructs, an Austin, Texas-based internet marketing review site, has released a report about the updated training course, Operation Physical Products. The course is designed to help individuals sell physical products on

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The newly updated program was released by Doland White, the CEO of Rapid crush. The course is suitable for anybody wanting to earn revenue online. This includes homemakers, the unemployed, the underemployed, retirees, and those looking for a home-based business opportunity. is a Seattle, Washington-based multinational technology company that started as an e-commerce bookseller and now offers users cloud computing, streaming, artificial intelligence, and more.

The course takes participants on a 10-week journey, releasing videos that detail what steps are necessary to set up a successful business on The instructions are punctuated by material from Amazon sellers telling their stories. All the material is pertinent to the beginner in e-commerce, looking for a path to success on the world’s largest commercial outlet.

Members of Operation Physical Products receive access to a plethora of videos, PDFs, and standard operating procedures. Group coaching with Ben Cummings is offered along with technological resources such as the updated “Smart Marketer” and advanced optimization software.

The report details what a beginner should look for in products that will sell well on Amazon. Various aspects of ranking, profit margin, and sustainability are explained to help sellers avoid mistakes, minimize losses, and maximize their profitability.

Each video gives students a small piece of actionable information. This keeps beginners on from getting overwhelmed and ensures steady progress toward a growing business that can be maintained over the long haul.

Each module digs into practical information that makes this training course superior to many of the training programs currently available. For instance, in Module 4, the videos cover the Amazon algorithm, ranking factors, sales velocity spikes, email lists, coupon codes, protecting inventory, discount campaign landing pages, and more.

A company spokesman said, “The course curriculum is built around several thousand feedback pages from Amazon Sellers and real-world stories and Rapid Crush co-founders Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos’ practical expertise.”

This report’s release gives those looking for a path to success on a solid start to e-commerce success.

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