Berthoud Sustainable Ecology Group Alternative Off-the-Grid Report Released

Founded by Dennis Weaver, actor and environmentalist, the Ecolonomics Institute, a sustainable not-for-profit enterprise released an off-the-grid energy report. Noting that most alternative energy sources are storable when not in use, the report looks at solar, wind and hydro in depth.

Berthoud, Colorado-based the Institute of Ecolonomics a not-for-profit entity striving to create a symbolic relationship between a strong economy and healthy ecology, has released an alternative off-the-grid report. Entitled “Alternative Energy Sources for Off-the-Grid Living”, this report lists the advantages of not having to rely on commercially generated energy. Plus, it lists the most popular off-the-grid power sources and includes many informative links that allow readers to calculate their specific energy needs.

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Recently published, the Living Off-the-Grid report discusses the reduction of environmental impact when moving away from fossil fuels. The three alternative energy sources discussed include solar, wind and hydropower and how the use of these heat and cool homes and businesses and reduce energy costs.

Noting that most alternative energy sources are storable when not in use, the report looks at solar, wind and hydro in depth. At present, solar is the most efficient way to produce energy. However, as the report mentions, living in a sunny area is a must. Plus, with solar energy storage batteries now becoming available for home use, energy storage for night use is becoming a possibility.

Wind power, according to the report, is ideal for larger properties as smaller turbines may not produce enough energy to power a home. Another need is the turbine must be located in a windy area so that it produces enough energy. Those living near water can consider hydropower. Although, this is one of the less popular off-the-grid energy methods. But, hydro works 24 hours, seven days a week.

Busy constructing and operating many commercial sustainable agriculture projects worldwide, and at their Northern Colorado campus, the Ecolonomics Institute continues to diversify its interests. Currently, the institute operates a saltwater shrimp production facility, an aquaponics system for production of veggies and fish and an indoor hydroponics fodder system for livestock. Also, they also operate Mountain Sky Ranch, a 45-acre campus that houses ten ongoing profit centers including a market farm, egg production facility, sustainable sandstone quarry and natural fiber production business.

When asked about the Institute, a spokesperson said, “Founded by Dennis Weaver, who apart from being a great actor also dedicated his life to serving humanity and the environment, Ecolonomics follows in the footsteps he has left behind. Plus, we strive to create our own. So, apart from running our projects, we also get involved in events and drives for ecolonomic action. Plus, we offer consulting services for sustainable agriculture and other ecolonomic orientated projects.”

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