Berlin NH Occupational Therapist Life Coach Bad Habit Online Counseling Launched

Stephanie Doster, an occupational therapist in Berlin, NH, launches her life coaching service that aims to help clients overcome longstanding bad habits and procrastination.

Berlin, NH-based occupational therapist Stephanie Doster announces the launch of her life coaching service. Through her counsel, clients can learn behavioral mechanisms to change bad habits and their penchant for procrastination.

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This service is offered to help people overcome self-defeating attitudes, allowing them to achieve their full potential. Doster notes that bad habits and procrastination are deeply rooted, and therefore require the advice and support of a professional.

Studies show that bad habits are often a form of self-medication, wherein people adopt unhealthy behavior to nurse a deep-seated pain. Meanwhile, procrastination is usually a result of perfectionism, whereby people delay taking action out of outsized fear of failure.

Doster says that while bad habits and procrastination are both coping mechanisms, they prevent people from living fulfilling lives. As a therapist, she provides clients with the tools they need to master these self-imposed obstacles.

Each consultation begins with a thorough interview, which allows Doster to understand the life story and context of each client. Sessions can be done in person, but she also offers remote appointments through teleconferencing platforms.

In each session, Doster teaches clients healthier ways of thinking, feeling, and responding. And to ensure that they do not fall back on their unhealthy habits, she also shows them how to embrace and work through uncomfortable emotions.

Interested parties may sign up for a free session to better understand how occupational therapy can help them. They may choose between a one-hour discovery session or a 30-minute coffee chat to discuss the issues they face.

Stephanie Doster is a leading occupational therapist who has over 25 years of experience in the field. With her counseling services, she aims to help people take control of their lives and respond healthily to life’s many challenges.

A satisfied client had this to say of Doster: “Stephanie was my first life coach and until I met her, I didn’t realize how transformative a life coach can be! From the first session, I knew we were on the same page, I felt like I had made a new best friend!”

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