Berkeley Heights NJ Mental Health Coach – Chronic Pain Management Program Update

As scientific studies continue to make credible links between physical and psychological symptoms in injured patients, a Scotch Plains, NJ-based pain management clinic (833-936-1240) announces updates to its mental health webinar series.

Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching’s latest launch offers clients specialized HIPAA-compliant disease management learning programs, providing education, guidance, and coaching for both injured individuals and their support networks.

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The announcement details a range of topics and protocols for those seeking an alternative to pharmacological treatment. The company’s online sessions offer an engaging study of the power of the mind in the rehabilitation of the body.

According to a study published by the US National Library of Medicine, around 60% of the US population is currently living with a chronic health condition. The most common among these are asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and mental health issues. These conditions have proved responsive to self-management programs and health coaching, tailored to help patients adopt lifestyle changes and interventions to enhance their quality of life and recovery rates.

Recent webinars include a presentation in collaboration with the International Pain Foundation that explores the relationship between sleep and pain. Painsomnia commonly affects chronic pain sufferers who are unable to sleep because of their condition which in turn exacerbates their symptoms. The educational series discusses ways to interrupt this negative cycle of sleepless nights.

Other topics include Covid-19, Illness, and Chronic Pain. This webinar looks at the groups that are most vulnerable to the virus and draws comparisons between presenting symptoms and the wider effects of both conditions. The session shares tips and techniques to help limit the negative mental cycles that result from both virus infection and chronic pain.

About Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching

The company was founded by Christina H. Chororos – an experienced chronic illness, mental health, and pain management coach with a background in entrepreneurship. Having suffered herself with debilitating deep infiltrating endometriosis for over 13 years, Christina formed Kairos Chronic Pain to help others find a way to manage their conditions and regain a measure of control over their lives.

Christina says, “I teach my clients coping strategies – practical, actionable, problem-solving skills that can be applied so a person can self-manage difficult situations, emotions, harmful thinking patterns, impulsive responses, and reactions.”

With its latest webinar updates, Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching continues to lead the way in alternative disease management approaches.

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