Bergen County NJ Float Therapy – Sensory Deprivation Treatment Options Launched

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Northvale, New Jersey-based hydrotherapy spa Mindful Waters (+1-914-329-6641) has announced new additions to its anti-stress range of wellness-centered treatments in the form of floatation therapy - also known as sensory deprivation therapy.

Its new treatment is added to a comprehensive selection of self-care therapies for clients across Bergen County and the New York City area, including detoxifying programs, infrared saunas, and cryotherapy options.

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The latest offering by the local Northvale hydrotherapy spa focuses on floatation therapy as a meditative therapeutic experience. Through the intended enablement of mental repose in a tranquil environment, local clients can pursue improved wellness and physical health.

Alternatively known as sensory deprivation therapy, the program aims to facilitate a natural healing process by eliminating external stimuli such as sight and sound. Mindful Waters representatives explain that as clients float in a body-temperature isolation tank, their minds and bodies are soothed into a meditative state. As such, the program promotes total relaxation and restoration.

As a result of the calming properties of floatation therapy, Bergen County clients can achieve significant improvements with conditions ranging from anxiety and mental stress to physical pain. In helping clients to focus their faculties by reducing the effects of outside distractions, further benefits include healthier sleeping patterns alongside sharper perceptive abilities.

Mindful Waters also cites the common usage of sensory deprivation therapy to help professional sports stars and athletes boost their rehabilitation when recovering from injuries. Floatation therapy is designed to soothe the body’s nervous system, with the experience of deep meditation stimulating both physical and emotional healing.

With the latest announcement, Mindful Waters continues to support communities throughout Bergen County by providing an extensive array of wellness-centered therapies and luxury spa treatments, delivered at its Northvale center. In addition, its official website features an available retail collection of purifying products spanning face oils, salt soaks, and more.

“I can’t think of a better way to heal the mind and body,” says one satisfied client. “Mindful Waters delivers a perfect balance between body and mind therapy, offering a wide variety of physical and meditative treatments. Amy and Staff have deep first-hand knowledge of the products and remedial processes. We felt rejuvenated in a way that a traditional spa cannot match.”

Interested parties across Bergen County are invited to visit to learn more about Mindful Waters and its new floatation therapy program.

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