Bergen County Home Design Build Construction Completion Time Guide Launched

A new guide to length of project time on new home builds in New Jersey has been launched. Oosting Construction is a specialist in the field with an expert team who pride themselves on quality service.

Oosting Construction has launched a new guide to how long it takes to build a house in New Jersey. They are expert construction specialists and offer integrated design-build solutions for clients in the local area.

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The newly launched guide provides residents building a New Jersey home with expert insight into the length of the home-building process. This is important, because it helps them to manage their time before they move into the new property.

Whether the client organizing the home build is an individual or a family, new home builds are surrounded by excitement. But it’s often the case that the client in question underestimates the time it takes to complete the project.

In their newly launched guide, the team at Oosting Construction discuss how long building a house can take. They cover all the elements involved, and highlight that the average time ranges between 6 to 16 months.

Factors involved in this include the type of home being built, job complexity, the weather affecting the build itself, and when the building starts. Some of these elements can be controlled, but many of them can’t, making it hard to predict exactly how long a specific build will take.

The newly launched guide reveals that the type of the property in question can have the largest effect on how long building takes. While production homes are akin to completing a puzzle, leading to an easier job, custom homes take much longer.

With a custom home, job complexity hits on size, change orders, materials and other parts involved in the project. Furthermore, larger homes may take longer to build.

Oosting Construction has been helping homeowners restore and renovate their properties for over 38 years. They also have extensive experience in new home construction. Whenever a New Jersey resident wants to build a new home they are encouraged to get in touch.

The team states: “Our years of experience combined with our knowledge of numerous construction services allows us to provide our clients a transformation that is both comprehensive and innovative.”

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