Berberine Cinnamon Blood Sugar Control Best Insulin Sensitivity Capsules Launch

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Family-owned health supplement company McMillion Mercantile has announced the launch of Blood Sugar Breakthrough, a blood sugar control supplement that contains a patented dihydroberberine formulation, bitter melon extracts, bee propolis, and other natural ingredients.

A growing interest in natural health products that regulate blood sugar levels and promote optimal insulin sensitivity has informed McMillion Mercantile’s decision to launch the carb-burning formula. Blood Sugar Breakthrough has been added to the company’s range of all-natural dietary supplements.

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The new dihydroberberine and cinnamon capsules contain natural ingredients that replicate the weight loss effects of a low-carb diet without the need for any dietary restrictions. The new Blood Sugar Breakthrough capsules are available in packs of 60 and use the power of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to prevent cravings and unlock the body’s carbohydrate-burning and fat-burning abilities.

Low-carb diets gained popularity in the early 2000s, limiting the quantity of starch the body could use to fuel essential functions. Over time, the lack of nutrient-rich starches forces the body into ketosis, a natural fat elimination process. Although the diet has been proven to induce weight loss, a long-term lack of carbohydrate intake can cause many individuals to feel sluggish and sick.

A study by the University of Chicago indicates that unless managed carefully, carb deprivation can have harmful side effects including low blood pressure, the development of kidney stones, nutrient deficiencies, and constipation.

McMillion Mercantile’s Blood Sugar Breakthrough capsules mimic the body’s natural state of ketosis to burn excess fat without sacrificing energy-packed carbohydrates.

The capsules were formulated by a team of genetic experts, researchers, and leading herbalists to prevent the energy dips that come from post-meal blood sugar spikes. Key ingredients include patented banaba leaf extract, sea buckthorn, Gymnema Sylvestre, and cinnamon. The blend of ingredients allows the body to absorb carbohydrates without triggering fat-storing mechanisms. The supplements in turn allow users to enjoy carb-rich foods without suffering brain fog or other unwanted side effects.

The company’s Blood Sugar Breakthrough capsules were created using high-quality US-sourced ingredients and are produced in FDA-approved facilities. If customers are not completely satisfied with their purchase, the company offers a full return policy.

McMillion Mercantile’s fat-burning supplements allow users to achieve their health and fitness goals while bypassing the unpleasant effects of dieting.

“McMillion Mercantile had humble post-war beginnings,” said a company spokesperson. “Years later, we remain committed to ensuring clients’ health by supplying some of the industry’s most sought-after natural wellness supplements.”

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