Bento Lunch Box Colorful Microwave Safe Food Container Launched

A new colorful kids lunchbox has launched on Amazon at a back to a school discount ahead of the new term. Effiliv Bento Lunch Boxes are food safe containers that are easy to use and wash, and are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Effiliv has announced the launch of a range of colorful Bento Lunch Boxes on Amazon, where parents can buy their children fantastic lunch containers to carry healthy meals into school ahead of the new academic year.

More information can be found on the lunch box Amazon page listing at:

The listing explains that Bento Lunch Boxes are food safe containers designed with child friendly style in mind, built for function yet still elegant in design. Each Bento Lunch Box order comes with two containers and a matching set of child safe cutlery for cutting up and eating food on the go.

It goes on to say that Bento Lunch Boxes are sturdy, stylish and stackable, built with functionality in mind, so when it comes to storing the lunch containers they can be piled up neatly in the cupboard while taking up minimal room, allowing for more space.

Each Bento Lunch Container features a convenient inner compartment and an easy click lid for stopping spills and ensuring no mess is caused by any of the food inside the lunch box. The compartment can be removed for easy washing, and the lid has a simple and easy to use click mechanism that is both child friendly and safe.

Bento Lunch Boxes are available in a choice of four colors, including purple, orange and gray, offering a wide range of choice for children, boys and girls lunch boxes, and teens and adults for school, work, camping and any outside activity.

The page listing underscores that the food boxes are made from 100% food grade PP and silicone, ensuring the food containers are non toxic and safe for all the family and pets. In addition to this, they are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, making them a versatile container to have around the home. Throughout August, the Bento Box product is being offered at a discount in a special back to school offer.

Full product details along with reviews by customers can be found on the Amazon page.

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