Bennett Financials, CFO Leader, Announces Launch of New Tax Resolution Service

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Bennett Financials, B2B Tax Planning and CFO Services industry leader, has announced the launch of of their newest service offering, Tax Resolution Services.

Bennett Financials, a premier B2B provider of Bookkeeping, Tax Planning, and CFO Services, has added Tax Resolution to their already extensive list of individual and business-to-business financial service offerings.

This tax resolution service was included to assist businesses and individuals throughout the United States with both federal and state tax resolution issues. Whether facing an unexpected tax bill, an audit, or any other tax-related issue, Bennett Financials will work with the Internal Revenue Service to help resolve the problem.

“Although individuals have the option of working through their tax issues with the IRS on their own, dealing with the IRS can be intimidating. It’s often in their best interest to work with tax professionals like us who know the laws and can ensure their rights are protected,” says Arron Bennett, owner of Bennett Financial Services. “Our tax resolution services can ultimately end up saving money that would be paid by choosing to deal with the IRS directly, and remove the stress and burden that often accompanies tax or other financially-related issues.”

The full list of Tax Resolution Services offered by Bennett Financials is as follows: audit representation, innocent spouse relief, installment agreements, non-collectible debt, offer in-compromises, payroll tax recovery, tax levies, tax liens, tax penalties, transcript protests, non-filed returns, and wage garnishments.

Bennett Financials is committed to helping taxpayers find a way to reduce their debt. For more information on this new tax resolution service, or any of the many other financial services offered by Bennett Financials, such as tax planning and CFO Services, please visit their corporate website at

About Bennett Financials: Based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Bennett Financials is an innovative financial services provider excelling at helping B2B service-based businesses grow and operate as cost-efficiently as possible. Through their consultative approach to tax planning and CFO Services, they are quickly emerging as an industry leader.

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