Benefits of professional audio video home automation installation vs. DIY

When looking to install automation systems for your home, there are factors to be considered down the road which will cause you to create your strategy first, which may include professional help.

Some people enjoy the challenge of renovating or automating their home on their own. They do hours of searching on the internet to find ways to automate every aspect of their residence to maximize convenience. They find the perfect smart home thermostat, install it, download the app, and connect it to their phone. Before long, they decide to control the lights with an app, too. They buy a kit, download another app, and now both systems can be controlled on their phone.

However, adding automation to more systems within a house is supposed to increase your convenience, but this is not achieved if you need to use two apps for each system that do not communicate with each other. For instance, turning off the lights should tell the thermostat to stop heating the room, but this will not happen if both systems operate in a vacuum. There are definitely more factors to be considered to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Chris McDaniels, owner of Sphere Home Technologies in Birmingham, Alabama, sees the considerations being made by homeowners looking to make their homes smarter every day. There will always be a continuum of people from the most to least handy, but when it comes to home automation, he cautions even the most tool savvy ones to take a long term approach right from the start. “Going down the path to automating systems within our homes can be addictive,” says McDaniels, “the convenience gained from a job well done gets you thinking about how much better you can make every system within your property. But, just because you have multiple systems that can be automated doesn’t mean that you can pick one, then the next, and so on to get the best result. It takes some forward thinking because true automation requires the systems to work together.”

When asked to define what exactly a “Smart Home” is, McDaniels responded: “A true smart home has a variety of subsystems that interact with one another, becoming one larger ecosystem. With this setup, there’s no going through multiple apps on your phone to make things happen. Each system plays off the other in order to create your preferred environment. It takes the seasons, time of day, and countless other factors into account.”

So, what does this mean in terms of installing home automation systems? McDaniels adds: “We help do-it-yourselfers all the time, but the conversation always begins with a long term approach to make sure that there will be no (or limited) backtracking down the road when you add more features to what you have. In my professional opinion, when installing home automation systems, like renovations, you can be sure to get the best ideas and execution if you use a professional. A home automation professional can certainly install devices so that they work correctly. They can even hide them if you wish, drawing from their past experiences. But the biggest difference is how a professional can tie in multiple systems at once. They can even anticipate future needs and make sure that your home will be prepared for any upgrades.”

What does a professionally installed automated Smart Home really look like? As per McDaniels, “First, your system gets paired with your phone to use your GPS coordinates. It learns your patterns, like when you come home from work. When you’re three miles away, your smart thermostat begins adjusting the temperature to be ideal when you arrive. When you walk up to the door, it unlocks without you touching it and the lights come on inside. When it’s time for bed, you turn off your lights, which tells the security system to come on. Peace of mind without lifting a finger.”

McDaniels offered this in conclusion: “Having professional advice and installers at your disposal is a benefit that all customers can experience at Sphere, and the path you choose will always remain up to you. Just remember to determine your overall strategy before you start your journey toward complete home automation.”

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