Benefits Of Mindfulness & Meditation For Stroke Symptoms Yoga Magazine Launched

The latest Flourish Magazine has launched, offering information and guidance on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. It explains that it can help people to improve their immune system, reduce the risk of stroke, and more.

A new version of Flourish Magazine has launched, featuring a wide range of articles covering topics such as the yoga science behind transforming energy, steps to stay spiritually connected in everyday life, and tips and tricks to resolve common sleep problems. It is published by Flourish Post, a site that features cutting edge articles on wellness and self enrichment.

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Mindfulness practices are becoming mainstay programs for many large and small corporations as well as in the field of education. Corporations such as Google, Aetna, Intel, Target and General Mills are starting to discover that mindfulness can have a positive impact on employees.

The leading research in this area shows that mindfulness helps employees to focus more easily on work to be done, as well as being open to considering all options in making more informed decisions in their work processes.

Other research shows that mindfulness and yoga can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and offer a decreased risk of heart diseases and strokes, as well as an improved immune system. Companies with mindfulness programs note that management and employees at all levels are more creative, engaged in meetings and projects, and handle stress better after practicing mindfulness.

The Flourish Post features a wide range of articles, videos and pieces on these topics, including yoga routines, reports on the mindfulness revolution, and pieces on organic living, healthy eating, meditation and more.

It explains that the mindfulness revolution, which has been fueled by the scientific research conducted on mindfulness meditation, is becoming more popular in the west due to the number of benefits it offers.

The Flourish Post says that studies have shown how mindfulness can help improve the immune system, and treat mental health issues in a natural way. In addition to this, mindfulness meditation can also lead to significantly better symptoms in patients with chronic heart failure.

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