Benchmark Electric Named Top-Selling Dealer in North America for Cummins

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Cordova, Tennessee based Benchmark Electric, LLC has been named the top selling dealer for Cummins Residential and Commercial standby generators. Benchmark Electric has achieved the top status four out of the past five years.

Benchmark Electric, LLC was named the top selling dealer in North America for Cummins Power Generation, a world leader in power generation products. The Cordova, Tennessee electrical contractor has ranked #1 in the nation four out of the past five years.

“Offering customers quality engineering and innovation from Cummins has had a big impact on the Memphis generator market,” said David Richey, President of the Cordova, Tennessee based electrical contractor. “Customers are flocking toward Cummins because of its superb reputation, build quality, and reliability.”

Benchmark Electric serves Memphis and Mid-South area residential and commercial customers, including the Memphis Fire Department, Shelby County Fire and Sheriff, Bartlett Fire Department, and other government buildings and facilities.

Cummins Power Generation has been manufacturing generators since 1920, and is a world leader in power generation products serving the residential, industrial, RV, and marine markets. Benchmark Electric offers turnkey standby generator installations from Cummins ranging 13kW to 2 megawatt systems. The Minnesota generator manufacturer was recently awarded a $490 million contract by the U.S. Army for tactical generators.

Standby generator sales in the Memphis market have exploded in recent years according to Benchmark Electric founder, David Richey. “Hurricane Elvis in 2003 was the trigger for Memphis standby generator sales,” he said, adding “The nation’s power grid grows weaker each year and the number of power outages typically doubles every 5-years.”

Hurricane Elvis is the name coined for a 2003 straight-line wind storm that wrecked havoc for many Memphians and resulted in power outages lasting weeks in some cases. Straight-line winds and other weather-related anomalies contribute to frequent power outages in and around Memphis, Tennessee.

A standby generator is an alternate power source when utility power is lost. Fueled by natural gas or LP, a standby generator can be sized to run an entire house or a few essential circuits. When utility power is finally restored, the Automatic Transfer Switch transfers back to utility and shuts down the generator.

“Customers are thrilled to have a reliable standby generator,” Richey said. “Utility power outages are on the rise and having an alternative source of power keeps HVAC systems working while also providing electrical power for house lights, receptacles, and kitchen appliances.”

Benchmark Electric is also a full service electrical contractor specializing in standby generator installation as well as solar energy installations.

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