Benchmark Cleaning Service Offers NYC Eco Smart Cleaning

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Benchmark Cleaning Service takes a pleasant and clean working environment very seriously. As an eco-responsible company, their mission is to only use low allergenic and non-toxic products when aiming to meet their customer’s needs.

New York City, United States – August 19th, 2014 /PressCable/

Benchmark Cleaning Service is based out of New York City. It is an owner operated company and a local cleaning service business. They have been providing cost-effective and quality cleaning for customers since going into business in 1999.

As the premier New York City cleaning service provider, no job is too big or too small for this company. They clean homes, offices and any other location that may require their services.

Some home and business owners feel that they need multiple service providers in order to clean their upholstery, carpets, windows etc. What they fail to realize is that Benchmark Cleaning Service can help them in all of these areas. They are the leading service provider of all types of cleaning services in the New York City metro area.

The Benchmark Cleaning Service staff is prompt and ready to help customers at a moment's notice. They are a fully professional organization that is always prepared to offer highly valuable services at an affordable price. Their professionalism is second to none in the cleaning service industry, and they are at a major advantage over the competition. Since they are a local company, they can offer a fantastic level of exclusive service that customers will not get from some of the bigger cleaning service providers that cover the whole nation.

Benchmark Cleaning Service has a plethora of experience, expertise and knowledge in the cleaning industry. It's impossible to become the leading cleaning service without excelling in all of these areas. They do not try to use catchy slogans or doublespeak in order to convince customers by fooling them into trying their service. In fact, it's their straight up business practices that draw so many customers to this company.

Cleaning is a competitive industry. It helps to have a loyal and trustworthy customer base. Benchmark Cleaning Service has earned the trust of their customers throughout the years, and will continue to do so in this competitive business environment. They succeed because they deserve all the success of the world. They care about their customers and go above and beyond to make sure that each and every one walks away happy when their services are complete.

Customers should consider Benchmark Cleaning Service for their next office cleaning NYC project. The kind, courteous staff will come into a customer's home or office, work their magic and leave the place looking spotless in no time at all.

The company is very concerned about the environment as well. They've recently began offering their Eco Smart cleaning service.

New York City Eco Cleaning from Benchmark Cleaning Service

Benchmark Cleaning Service takes a pleasant and clean working environment very seriously. As an eco-responsible company, their mission is to only use low allergenic and non-toxic products when aiming to meet their customer's needs.

Their overall approach to eco-cleaning is smart and holistic. They will continue to use non-toxic, biodegradable and sustainable products in order to assist their clients in their cleaning efforts. They realize that cleaning chemicals can have a negative and deleterious effect on the overall environment. That's why they work hard and will continue to focus on lowering their overall environmental impact.

Benchmark Cleaning Service strives to do their part to protect the environment. They work diligently and always consider the healthy choice, which consists of using environmentally friendly products.

Since the company purchases all of their eco-friendly products in bulk and they only use concentrated items when possible, this helps to save energy, plastic, packaging and it lowers the need for transportation of their cleaning products.

Recycling is also a major consideration that Benchmark Cleaning Service takes quite seriously. They recycle as much as they can when performing their cleaning duties. They always separate recyclables and keep them properly sorted for recycling pickup, including cardboard, cans, bottles and paper.

Since transportation is one of the major causes of carbon emissions, the staff at Benchmark Cleaning Service uses public transportation as often as possible. This helps to cut down on carbon emissions and still gets the team from one place to another in a prompt and timely manner.

Homeowners or business owners looking for an environmentally friendly cleaning service should contact Benchmark Cleaning Service at their earliest convenience. They do fantastic work at an affordable price. Site:

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