BellyProof Publishes Athletes Guide for Better Energy Metabolism

BellyProof has released a new how-to guide on energy metabolism. Athletes and other interested parties can find the video guide online at

The most recent how-to guide from BellyProof. Containing precise and detailed steps with instructions to help athletes become metabolically flexible and have better energy usage in the body, as quickly, easily and with as little stress as possible.

Designed to be used by anyone who wishes to favor fatty acids metabolism over glucose metabolism as a source of energy and others who need it to keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle.

Athletes and other interested parties are welcomed to view the video guide, in full, at the official youtube channel:

Fitness education company BellyProof, has published this new how-to guide dedicated to helping Athletes become metabolically flexible and have better energy usage in the body. The inspiration for creating this guide came from a desire to provide useful, actionable information to anybody facing the challenge of breaking the sugar dependency.

The Full How-To Guide Covers The Following Points:

Benefits of becoming fat adapted – Why it might prove very beneficial to adapt the cells to fatty acids.

The metabolic changes taking place on a cellular level– In depth description of the changes that happen within the cells to allow them to switch from glucose to free fatty acids in order to comply with their energy requirements.

Speeding up the process – What steps are needed to initiate and speed up the process from start to finish.

Jacob Nadav, Director at BellyProof Ltd, has spoken at length about the guide and on the the reasons behind creating step by step instructions for energy metabolism. On the subject of what BellyProof Ltd is hoping to accomplish, the following details were shared: “We hope this will help people discover a new energy source and at the same time, help them go further with their fitness goals.”

Athletes and anybody interested in energy metabolism or facing the challenge of breaking the sugar dependency are invited to review the how-to guide video online directly.

More information about project BellyProof itself can be found within the official project video:

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