Bellingham WA Facebook Chatbot For Realtors Released By Online Marketing Agency

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Bellingham, WA online marketing agency Surefooted Solutions has released a customized chatbot for real estate agencies and individual realtors. The real estate internet marketing agency's chatbot features pre-screening capabilities to give realtors information about customer preferences such as the type of property, budget, and location.

Bellingham, WA online marketing agency Surefooted Solutions announced the release of its realtor chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The bot provides real estate agencies and individual realtors with automated communication and customer pre-screening capabilities over chat.

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Real estate & finance industry publication MortgageOrb reports that chatbots are one of the top three technology tools that are being used to improve a homebuyer’s purchase experience. Chatbots offer realtors automated response and real-time communication options that help them improve customer service and make query resolution available to customers at any time through a wide range of chat platforms.

The new realtor chatbot from Surefooted Solutions is deployed through messenger marketing services company ManyChat. The bot can be set up and configured to the needs of a real estate agency or realtor to provide client engagement and pre-screen a customer based on the type of dwelling, location of the property, price, and other relevant criteria.

Pre-screening is recognized as an important step in real estate client acquisition because it helps agencies better understand client needs and offer tailored solutions. The Surefooted Solutions team offers bot deployment and customization on a client’s Facebook Messenger account.

According to a spokesperson for the Bellingham, WA real estate internet marketing agency, “Customer engagement through Facebook Messenger is a common part of the real estate process. Our chatbot can help individuals and agencies improve the availability, efficiency, and effectiveness of real-time customer communication and information exchange as part of sales and purchases throughout the real estate process.”

Other Messenger Chatbots previously released by Surefooted Solutions are for the following niches: Legal (attorney), Dentist, Medical Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, Small Business Loan Brokers, Roofing Contractors and others.These bots dramatically improve interaction with the prospective customers and assist the business in customer acquisition.

Surefooted Solutions offers SEO, Facebook advertising, and ranking optimization services for small and medium businesses. Established in 2010, the agency offers custom online marketing solutions and training services including ranking on high-authority sites and Facebook marketing solutions. More information is available over the phone at 360-358-7550 at the URL above.

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