Bellingham Kennel Free Pet Boarding Hotel & Dog Daycare Growing Rapidly

A Bellingham cage free pet boarding facility and doggy daycare is expanding quickly.

A Bellingham pet care company called The Puget Hound is experiencing rapid growth and increasing demand for their pet boarding and doggie daycare services in Whatcom County.

The property, which previously served as the Whatcom Humane Society’s location, had the layout of a traditional kennel with individual runs, but The Puget Hound performed an extensive renovation of the building and surrounding grounds.

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The building layout was opened up to create multiple private daycare rooms for dogs of varying ages and temperaments, and the individual yards have been expanded to a total of more than 20,000 square feet. Additionally, the yards are sectioned off and attached to the individual daycare rooms and contain numerous obstacles and agility equipment for the dogs to play on.

Readers who are interested in their doggy daycare services can visit their website here:

For dogs that prefer their own space, there are a limited number of privacy suites available, but the majority of the building has been dedicated to the “kennel free” concept.

Many of The Puget Hound’s existing clients expressed their excitement about the new pet care service: Alicia H. said, “Bellingham has needed a service like this for years. I always feel so bad for my dogs when we have to leave town. I feel like they think they’re being abandoned when we would drop them off at traditional kennels in the past. But The Puget Hound has always gone above and beyond to take care of my pups, and this new location will be a very welcome addition. Plus, it’s right by the airport!”

Additionally, many new clients who hadn’t previously used The Puget Hound’s services reported having a great experience at the new facility. April B. said, “Their daycare is great! Most places we’ve been to only have small or enclosed play areas where the dogs just kind of pace back and forth. When I pick up my dog from The Puget Hound, she’s extremely excited to see me, but almost immediately passes out when we get home. It’s so cute because she even wags her tail in her sleep dreaming about her fun-filled day at the adventure park.”

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