Bellevue WA Interventional Orthopedics Non-Surgical Regenerative Therapy Launch

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Bellevue, Washington-based alternative orthopedic medical practice Interventional Orthopedics of Washington (+1-425-326-1665) has expanded its expertise to include non-surgical regenerative therapies.

The clinic’s new service range includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP), bone marrow concentrate (BMC) cellular therapy, prolotherapy, and more. The treatments speed up joint injury repair, reduce inflammation, and eliminate chronic pain.

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The updated offerings were initiated to provide patients with advanced non-surgical solutions to joint and spine problems. The treatments use the patient’s blood and stem cells injected into the affected areas to effectively rebuild damaged tissue. The regenerative therapies provide patients with lower risk and lower cost options and allow for faster recovery in comparison to risky surgeries. It also eliminates long-term medication use and steroid injections.

The clinic’s founder, interventional orthopedic specialist Dr. Otono Silva, focuses on identifying the root cause of the condition instead of just treating its symptoms. The clinic offers image-guided regenerative injection therapies such as prolotherapy, PRP, and BMC cellular therapy to address common musculoskeletal issues such as sports injuries and chronic neck, back, and joint pain.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy makes use of concentrated blood platelets that optimize natural growth factors to accelerate the healing of damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, and the spine.

Bone marrow concentrate cellular therapy involves extracting a small amount of bone marrow from the patient’s hip. The nucleated cells and stem cells from the marrow are isolated, concentrated, and injected into the site of the injury. This may restore cartilage, bone, and soft tissue and can alleviate pain and salvage mobility.

Patients can also benefit from prolotherapy which stimulates soft tissue healing by creating an acute stress reaction in the affected area. This reaction causes a mild inflammatory response that stimulates the body to heal itself.

A satisfied patient said, “Dr. Silva was very thorough in providing treatment for my painful arthritic knees and neck. I was told I would need a knee replacement and decided to explore stem cell injections. For the first time in 25 years, my neck is pain-free and no longer makes it difficult for me to sleep. My knees are 70% improved!”

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