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A new report has been launched on DUI and DWI cases in the Bell County area, Texas. Criminal attorney F Edward Brown discusses the definition of a DUI and potential outcomes for the accused and the need for an expert criminal lawyer.

A Bell county lawyer has launched a report about winning driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases in the Texas area. The report outlines the definition of what a DUI is and what processes occur upon arrest. F Edward Brown advises that specialized lawyers will be able to navigate the legal system ensuring the best outcome for the accused.

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The latest report on DUIs explains that under Texas law a person is deemed under the influence when a person does not present normal mental and physical behaviours after they have imbibed alcohol and/or drugs that can be either prescription or illegal substances. It is stated that it is a crime to operate a vehicle whilst under the influence of these substances.

The report goes on to say that DUIs are a common crime in urban and city areas where alcohol and drug availability is high and describes what would happen if a law enforcement officer pulls over a person deemed to be committing a DUI offense. It explains that an officer will make the accused walk a straight line test to determine balance and will then conduct a breathalyser test to determine alcohol levels.

It also outlines what the potential outcomes could be for the accused, such as fines, prison sentences and programmes to attend. It states that the best course of action is to hire an expert criminal DUI lawyer to help ensure the best outcome.

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