Beginners Guide To The Stone Age Diet For A Healthier Lifestyle Released

Fitness Fahrenheit has released its new beginners’ guide to the Paleo Diet. The guide aims to teach both men and women how to lose weight and feel healthier by avoiding processed foods.

Fitness Fahrenheit has announced the release of its new guide to the Paleo Diet. This guide targets beginners and aims to promote weight loss and create higher feelings of satiety.

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The new Paleo Diet guide is also called the Caveman Diet, the Hunter-Gather Diet, or the Stone Age Diet. It rests on the foundation that what is eaten aligns with what was eaten by the ancestors. Its name is derived from the word “Paleolithic” which refers to a prehistoric period of human development.

This Stone Age Diet guide teaches participants how to avoid processed foods which have resulted in high cases of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It helps them to utilize healthier food options such as meats, fish, nuts, and leafy greens for an overall healthier lifestyle.

Fitness Fahrenheit’s Paleo Diet guide is designed for both men and women. It teaches participants, who may have become a bit too comfortable with a sedentary or modern lifestyle, how to simplify their food choices. The guide also shows them how to shift their focus from relying on processed foods to that of healthier options from the caveman’s diet: 5% carbs, 25% protein, and 70% fat. This is in keeping with the fat being proportionate to the participant’s level of physical activity.

Like any other diet plan, the Paleo Diet has its pros and its cons. However, the pros far outweigh the cons since losing weight, improving blood pressure, reducing the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease, or just being healthier are benefits for which one should not mind spending a few more dollars or exercising a bit more self-discipline.

The Paleo Diet guide also caters to weightlifters and bodybuilders. It provides them with a sample meal plan that has an “excellent nutritional foundation”.

“The Paleo Diet is a great diet to try that has stood the test of time… Many people have discovered that the Paleo Diet along with a healthy regular exercise regime can help them reduce or eliminate symptoms of diseases, and improve their overall health”, says Koji Lopez, founder of Fitness Fahrenheit.

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