Beginners Forex Trading Coaching And Trading Methodology Launched

Vancouver-based Ashley Page launched Simple Forex Trading, a website that provides professional online coaching for new and experienced traders. Coaching programs aim to offer a foundation for long-term success.

Ashley Page, a forex trader based in Vancouver, Canada, announced the launch of ‘My Simple Forex Trading’, a website dedicated to providing foundational forex trading methodology and coaching.

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The website aims to leverage tried and tested logical strategies to help learners make progress in their forex trading, based on over a decade of experience.

Page offers classes with a low headcount and tailored training based on an introductory consultation call.

Coaching programs are available for both new and experienced forex traders.

Those for beginners provide background information on what forex trading is.

Although based in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Simple Forex Trading’s training programs are provided to users worldwide. Besides the initial consultation calls, Page’s forex trading methodology focuses on providing learners with a plan and changing their mindsets.

The Simple Forex Trading site offers two separate coaching packages. The first is the ‘Core’ package, designed for beginners and struggling traders with some previous experience. Coaching programs start at 90 days and are taught in10 or fewer ‘group” live online training sessions. These sessions are to effectuate and teach traders to apply the Methodology whilst answering any questions or challenges new traders may have.

These sessions are enhanced with a monthly One on One session with Ashley and the student to answer any specific questions or help with any challenges they maybe experiencing.

For learners with a lot of forex trading experience, the website also offers a ‘VIP Platinum’ package. The course is taught through one-to-one coaching sessions. The package aims to provide learners with trading tactics and provide new skills for higher-level trading.

The latest announcement builds on Page’s previous background in forex, which includes 12 years of trading experience.

The Simple Forex Trading site was founded in November 2020 to help aspiring traders to develop a ‘foundational” understanding on how the Forex market works and to instill an understanding to develop and grow their Forex Trading skillset.

Page launched the website based on his forex experience, and to provide a clear understanding to new participants what it is they need to prepare and learn to develop into a successful Forex Trader.

Commenting on the launch of Simple Forex Trading , Page said: “Most traders try to learn how to do everything themselves, which leads to disappointment. That’s why 80-90% of them fail. They see the cars, holidays, and houses but get frustrated when this success isn’t achieved overnight.”

“I launched the Simple Forex Trading Programs to give traders more than a quick win. To be successful in this field, you need to have a plan and adopt the right mindset. With my training, I hope to cut through the fake lifestyles you see online and help traders achieve sustainable success.”

Readers interested in finding out more about the forex training courses can do so at the website mentioned above.

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