Beginners Dividend Stock Investing Strategy – Passive Income Audiobook Released

Ted Lee has recently released the audiobook edition of his book ‘Building Wealth Through Dividend Investments’ to help beginners learn how they can use dividend investing to earn passive income.

Ted Lee has announced the updated release of his book ‘Building Wealth Through Dividend Investments’, which is now available in audiobook, as well as in eBook and paperback formats.

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With the updated publication, readers are able to learn everything they need to know regarding the stock market and how dividend investing can create passive income with less risk when compared to the more volatile day-trading options.

With the growing interest in earning income from home, individuals may be attracted to the idea of learning how they can get started in trading stocks and shares. However, due to the constant fluctuation of the market, investing in stocks can be risky for traders who do not have a foundational knowledge of the industry.

Ted Lee’s book provides an overview of the stock market, as well as details on reliable dividend investing strategies for those starting out.

As the book explains, dividend investing can provide consistent income from stocks as they process regular payouts based on their value. Through this method, investors can earn passive income to use for either profitable reinvesting or other projects.

‘Building Wealth Through Dividend Investments‘ covers all of the essential information regarding the investment strategy, as well as more advanced topics such as mutual funds, portfolio building, and inflation.

This comprehensive guide makes the book ideal for beginners, with key information that they can return to as they progress through their investing journey.

With the recent audiobook released, Ted Lee is now offering readers the ability to learn about dividend investing in whichever medium they prefer. Narrated by Mark Wheeler, the audio version has a clear yet conversational style to make it easier for listeners to absorb the information, which can also be used when following along with the eBook.

The eBook edition of ‘Building Wealth Through Dividend Investments‘ can be found here

Ted Lee said of the book, “Dividend investing is a beginner-friendly way to jump into the stock market and learn all the ins and outs of investing.”

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