Beginner’s Course To Cryptocurrency: DeFi Blockchain Educational Resource Launch

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Let Hutch Help announces its latest educational resource for beginner investors who want to learn how to stake and mine cryptocurrencies. Called CryptoU by SwychU, the course is ideal for those who want to build their diversified portfolio with emerging class assets.

Emerging data show that more Americans are interested in mining cryptocurrencies but less than half are confident in starting. Addressing this with its crash course on cryptocurrency investing, Let Hutch Help introduces the latest course by SwychU, CryptoU.

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True to its name, the new course offers everything one needs to know about cryptocurrencies, from what it is, how it functions, whether it’s “real money”, and most importantly, how investors earn from them. Through simple guided lessons, students build the confidence they need to get started.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies operating within a blockchain. It was originally designed as a more transparent solution to traditional banking where there was a centralized system for verification. Though supposedly meant to be “more secure”, having a single entity verify all transactions also meant a higher susceptibility for corruption.

Cryptocurrencies were meant to address this, with a decentralized platform that allowed all users to see each transaction as it happened in real-time. There is less risk for fraud and a faster verification rate, as users were the ones who verified each other.

Typically, currencies are “mined” using either proof-of-stake (PoS) or proof-of-work (PoW). This means that before a transaction is verified, investors either have to prove their transaction by staking their entire deposit or prove their identity by solving several puzzles. Either have their specific advantages and disadvantages, and this is where many tokens differ.

The most popular token is Bitcoin, which is still the number one cryptocurrency to date. All the other tokens are considered “alternative coins” and are more commonly referred to as “altcoins”.

These are just a sample of the courses being taught in CryptoU. Some of its most basic beginner’s courses on cryptocurrencies can be taken by those with no previous knowledge of blockchain or the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.

Let Hutch Help is on a mission to help 100,000 people achieve their financial freedoms by improving their literacy. It offers various classes on money management and financial stability.

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