Beginner Oracle/Tarot Cards – Intuitive Reading And Higher Vibration Deck Launch

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Atlanta, GA - The Vanda House (678-973-2726) announces the launch of its limited-edition "I Am Chakra Oracle Cards." The first deck of its kind empowers users to discover messages from their inner consciousness, rather than have them spoken by the cards.

Recommended for those wanting to strengthen their intuition, the new Oracle deck by The Vanda House encourages users to recognize their own divinity. Lovingly designed by the company’s founder, Vanda, each card guides users to understand that the answers they seek are already within themselves.

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The new deck is both profound and simple, says Vanda. She explains that often, people look towards tarot, astrology, or other forms of spiritual tools to find guidance in their lives. The need to have something “other” confirm what is and isn’t true is so deeply embedded in many people’s subconscious that they forget that their divinity.

Most spiritual and religious teachers clarify that while there are other forces in the world, humans also have their own free will. Apart from this, each human being is gifted with intuition, or what is called the “sixth sense”. This sense can become clouded by everyday life but can be strengthened through mindfulness practices such as meditation.

Tarot or using oracle cards is also a way to tap into one’s intuition. These cards help users intuitively understand the meaning of their question and its answer. However, some decks may come with too many words or graphics that unintentionally distract the user rather than enlighten them. Further details can be found at

The “I Am Chakra Oracle Cards” can be used by anyone, whether a beginner or advanced truth seeker. The deck also comes with a guide to help users translate each card and its possible meanings based on the question being asked. The goal is to raise the vibrations of the user so that they are constantly radiating at a higher level.

The Vanda House is a spiritual enlightenment community passionate about self-healing. It believes that each person has the divine right to be abundant and offers various services and products that support self-love. Its founder, Vanda, says that inner peace can be achieved by those who are willing to go within and WorQ.

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