Beginner Gold/Silver Investment With MLM Business Opportunity – Webinar Launched

Online marketing system Wealth Autopilot has launched a series of webinars on beginner-friendly gold and silver investments through the 7k Metals platform.

Wealth Autopilot, an online marketing system created by Four Percent, has launched a series of webinars to introduce 7k Metals, a wealth-building system that automates gold and silver investments while providing opportunities for multilevel marketing income.

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In the webinars, Wealth Autopilot will teach participants how to grow their wealth using their proprietary marketing system. The webinar includes coaching on how to select a product or service to invest in, and a live demo on how Wealth Autopilot’s marketing system can be utilized to consistently generate income.

Wealth Autopilot offers webinars on 7k Metals, a platform that provides interested investors with a convenient and easy way to invest in gold and silver. With the platform’s ease of use, it is suitable even for beginners who have no prior experience in such investments.

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According to Wealth Autopilot, given the volatility of today’s economy due to the pandemic, gold and silver investments provide a stable and secure alternative in growing and keeping one’s wealth.

7k Metals has a membership program with three different membership options, putting gold and silver investments on autopilot. Each month, the experts at 7k Metals will curate and buy gold and silver products at dealer direct prices to add to their members’ cache.

The group has partnered with a private vault where the products are stored for safety. The vault’s service includes fast and easy delivery to the owners anytime they want a product to be sent to their homes.

Non-members may also shop at the 7k Metals website and buy the products of their choosing. Available products include bullions, coins, custom jewelry, collectibles, and others.

In addition to growing their gold and silver investments, 7k Metals also offers its members opportunities to make passive income through a partner marketing program, where a member can receive income by enjoining new members and buyers to the group. Investors can learn more about this in the 7k Metals webinars offered for free by Wealth Autopilot.

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