Beginner Affiliate Marketer Coach Passive Income Sales Success Program Announced

A new affiliate marketing training program has been announced by Green Mars Media. It provides entrepreneurs with all the tools, training and resources they need to succeed online.

Green Mars Media, the highly regarded digital marketing agency, has announced a new program for affiliate marketers wanting to sell more products. The program highlights an indirect selling method to increase leads and conversion quickly and efficiently.

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The new program is run by Aaron Chen and designed to streamline the process of creating a successful affiliate marketing business. It offers “over the shoulder” training and guidance with step-by-step coaching.

Designed to be simple and accessible, the program takes beginners with minimal sales knowledge and aims to transform them into confident, capable and profitable affiliate entrepreneurs.

Members signing up to the program will benefit from daily training, mindset strategies, and specific action steps that can be implemented to drive success. By automating much of the process and freeing up time, the program can help entrepreneurs to achieve financial freedom. This in turn allows them to spend more time with their families, travel, or enjoy the hobbies they love.

The newly launched affiliate training program can be taken by those even without tech knowledge or experience. For those who have felt exhausted or frustrated by lack of experience in the past, it provides actionable strategies to achieve success.

Marketers can create their own online business without any product or their own list. They receive all the training they need to go from nothing to earning their first dollar online, then transitioning that into a six-figure business. What sets it aside from all other affiliated programs out there? The incorporation of the “Value Series” which you’ve most probably never heard of and is discussed in detail in the modules.

Step-by-step coaching and instructions have been specifically designed to simplify and streamline the process. One of the more unique elements of the program is the mindset coaching, which teaches entrepreneurs essential mindset fundamentals to improve their chance of success.

Alongside this there is a private community with a highly engaging Facebook Group where marketers can build their network, connect with like-minded professionals, and achieve their goals.

Program founder Aaron Chen is hands on with this group and provides regular advice and guidance. Members are able to experience a feeling of accomplishment with every completed module on their road to online success.

Businesses looking to increase their exposure, improve visibility and dramatically increase their sales are encouraged to get in touch with Green Mars Media. Further details are provided at:

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