Beef Pizzle Sticks For Dogs Get High Praise From Happy Customers

Beef pizzle from Chapo's Choice has collected a number of positive reviews on its current online store. Now that an additional store is available on the Internet, the company hopes to continue this trend of very positive reviews from very satisfied customers.

Beef pizzle sticks from Chapo’s Choice are available for purchase at a new online location. These healthy dog treats have also garnered very positive customer feedback for over a year from the current online store. The reviews left by buyers of these bags of a half dozen USA made pizzle sticks are very positive.

Following is an excerpt from one of these reviews, written by a customer in Ohio: “Gabe, our bichon was entertained and enjoyed a healthy option for a treat, which meant more to me than him! Made with all natural ingredients by a trusted source! The real deal and now Gabe’s choice!”

This review mentions “was entertained”, which refers to the fact these beef pizzle sticks cannot be chewed and consumed in a few seconds or even a few minutes by dogs. These edible dog chews are substantive in size giving adult dogs of all sizes the chance to chew and chew and chew.

The positive reviews continued, such as this: “The dogs loved these! What I liked most of all was the fact they didn’t smell or stain the carpet. What more can you ask for in a dog treat?”

The lack of odors and any sort of stain residue underscores how these edible chew sticks are produced: made of 100% USA beef without any sort of chemicals or preservatives. As long as these pizzle sticks are kept sealed in the bag in which they are shipped and kept in a cool, dry location they last long enough to be consumed by the ultimate consumer.

Another reviewer had this to say after receiving Chapo’s Bully Sticks: “From a dog mama point of view I loved that they were clean and didn’t smell!! They are more than reasonably priced and we got them quickly- thank you Chapo! From Artie’s point of view…he would like 10 more before he answers that ;)”

Chapo’s Choice is pleased to expand its online offerings of these beef pizzles to dog lovers across the USA and hopes that even more customers and their dogs will benefit from them.

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